Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The damage is done.

So I was in the kitchen making microwaving dinner ... right inside the glass sliding doors you see in the picture below. As I went to walk outside with a plate full of chicken nuggets, I saw a mess beneath my feet.The girls apparently thought it would be fun to throw soil all over the deck ... soil from my urn that was full of beautiful dead flowers. And Payton, being the artist that she is, thought it would be fun to paint her sister with soil.
As mad as I was at the mess, you know I had to grab my camera to document the damage. Here is culprit #1 claiming her artwork ...
At least nobody can say that my kids don't get to explore their environment!


  1. Don't you just love those unplanned science experiments kids come up with? Glad you got a picture of the culprits. :-)

  2. ah love it.
    great photo's to. loving that pic of Payton, have been missing seeing her sweet face

  3. Man they are both so gorgeous! Dirt and all. I've sooooo been there, except with me it wasn't dirt, it was chocolate syrup, and they canvas was my sliding glass door and my kitchen cupboard, and my floor!

  4. what cute little culprits you have, glad you got a nice dirty shot~lol

  5. Oh my gosh, that right there is hiliarious and LOOK at that picture of Ms. Thang hugging her sister.....OMG LMAO!!! I love that chicky!!! hehehe

  6. Seriously!
    That is hysterical!
    Payton is drop dead gorgeous.
    Those eyes, wow!
    Nika....just adorable.
    I want to squeeze her she is so cute.
    Great post!

  7. lol Payton sure is an artist, does she sees you making up, i mean why she wants to paint the face of Nika?

    I think someone needs to go back to school,haha,or is she already at school?

  8. i'm so glad you picked up your camera to document this wonderful moment.

    very cute!

  9. Uhoh. I think someone is in trouble:)

  10. Hi Bethany,

    This is off subject but I have always admired your photography! I visit another site of a family that adopted from China and Guatamala (sp?). She is an amazing photographer too. I just visited her sit and saw that she has started an on-line business. I wanted to share it with you.

    Just click on the Flora Bella Collection on the right.

    Susan from Boston!!

  11. As my mother-in-law always says "God made dirt..dirt won't hurt" LOL Great photos

  12. Ha! Love the pic of Nika!!!! Oh Payton, what will your mommy do with you! LOL