Monday, August 3, 2009

Still Living Life

I'm not quite sure where the summer has gone. The need for school supplies and new clothes is smacking me in the head ... didn't school just get out? Seriously.

I've been so busy, my head is spinning.

Three weeks ago, I took a quick trip out to Denver to visit my dear friend, Carmen. We met several years ago in cyberspace. Shut up, I know that sounds weird. She has a little boy that has Down syndrome and we met on a forum for parents of kids with Down syndrome. We clicked from the start and we actually got to know each other better by randomly meeting up in an airport. Ha.

Crooked sunglasses, anyone? Haha.

I guess I will also tell you that we went to the New Kids on the Block concert. I know, I know ... surprise, surprise. But let me tell you, we had so much fun and I think we both needed our short little two-day getaway that we had. It was so much fun! Sigh ... I still love Jordan Knight.
Check out our fourth row seats!

The day after getting home from Denver, we left for the beach with my mom and sister. We had a wonderfully relaxing time in Hilton Head, SC. And yes, I'm still trying to finish posting about that.

On my way home from the beach, I found out that a friend from high school unexpectedly passed away. My heart just broke in two. His name is Wade and he actually is the brother of one of my best friend's, but a friend all in the same. I just adore their family and after having lost their dad unexpectedly a couple years ago, this has been a really, really hard time. If you have room on your prayer list, please pray for my friend and her mom ... I know they appreciate all the support they can get right now.

Since we've been home from the beach, our schedule has been crazy hectic. What's new, right? I sort of had to chuckle the other day at someone who was overwhelmed at their upcoming week, which consisted of about as much as I do in one day, let alone a week. Sigh ... the joy of having kids with medical and therapy needs. If I get one day with no doctor or therapy appointments, it is truly a blessing!

Kyle found out last week that he has to take two weeks of paid vacation in August, so it is nice to have him home. I'm trying to lure him into doing some painting around here, but clearly I need to talk a little sweeter since he is refusing ... so far. I did get my car waxed today though ... the first time in four years. Is that bad? Haha.

Mason had to go to the doctor today because he has been complaining of ear pain. Turns out the poor kid has swimmer's ear from all the swimming he did at the beach and here in our pool.

Payton is having her third set of tubes placed in her ears tomorrow. I always hate having to watch my kids go under anesthesia, so please pray for my strength. I can pretty much guarantee I'll cry though, so not sure what praying is going to do for me. Haha. Her one ear is infected, so these tubes will be good for her. Then in about 3-4 weeks, she is having a sedated ABR to check her hearing. Let's pray she passes that!

Phew ... so if you made it this far in my ramblings, say Ahoy! Err something.

Oh ... and by the way, today is my birthday! Happy birthday to me!
Happy Birtday ... Kyle claims they couldn't fit the H. Uh huh.


  1. ahoy, and more importantly HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  2. Happy, happy birthday, Bethany! Hope you have had a fabulous day. It sounds like your family has had an awesome summer, and your kids are just precious!

  3. Happy birthday from Canada! Good luck with the tubes.

  4. Happy Birthday!! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow...we actually go next Wednesday to get evaluated for tubes, and then Thursday Addie has surgery for her tear ducts and they said they could place the tubes at the same time if it is needed....I am so nervous! The last time we were at the U it was for her OHS...ick!! Hope it goes well...let me know if there is anything I should be prepared for!

  5. With all my kid, I don't know how many times I've had to deal with the anesthesia thing. More than 22 with just Angela alone. 5 with Tyler than I can think of. Two with Noah, one with Bryon. Anyway...ONLY ONCE did I watch one of my kids get put to sleep! It was Tyler, and he was 2. It totally freaked me out, and I've never done it again. Nope, I will gladly hand them off to the anesthesiologist and wave a happy goodbye. Angela is always super chipper when she goes with them. (which in itself is creepy.) and we kiss goodbye in the hallway. Then, as soon as my back is turned and she can't see my face THE TEARS FLOW!

  6. AHOY and Happy Birthday! I have had to watch Jack get put under twice. It was the most horrible thing I have had to do. The second time I had to walk him into an operating room, help him on the table and watch him go under and leave...the tears started falling. I will say a prayer for you tomorrow, I know how hard it is. Hope you had a great birthday and yeah for the car waxing (that's not what you got for your birthday is it?).

  7. Welcome Back! Happy Birthday to you! I just love b-days. I will be celebrating one later this month also. Enjoy YOUR special day!

    Hang on for the ride, it sounds like your going to continue to have a busy one. I too am facing the upcoming school schedule - 4 kids going 4 different places, UGH! It's all new to me. It's not a complaint just a juggling act.


  8. felicidades!and i thought it was cute that you put a label for Jordan Knight,and not for Carmen LOL.I see you love JK


  9. Happy Birthday we are doing the grommets tomorrow as well. all going well.
    all the best with it.

  10. Happy Birthday---yesterday :)

  11. Bethany!!! You need to give more warning on your birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    Thank you for all the things you share on your blog. Both to help raise awareness and to help other parents (& to help people with photography too!!)

    Glad to 'know' you!

    Lu (William & Eden as well!)

  12. Happy Birthday! My sister's birthday is on August 3rd as well!

    I'll say a prayer for you and Payton today. I hate it when Joel has to go under anesthetic as well.

  13. Happy Birthday to you! I will keep you in my prayers! :) Have a great day!

  14. Wow, are you guys like twins separated at birth?

    And Happy Birthday!!

  15. Happy Birthday and hope you had a great day!

  16. I hope that you had a happy, happy birthday. And yes, I too think it is comical when others complain about their "busy" week and I am wishing that I could have just that to do in one day LOL

  17. Hope you had a great birthday! you have been busy. Thoughts and prayers are with your friends family!

  18. Happy Belated Birthday, loved your misspelled cookie :)

    Glad you had a nice visit with Carmen and ANOTHER? NKOTB concert, man your hooked.

  19. The cake is hysterical! Happy bday.

  20. I got your birthday on FB, but after reading this, I can't resist saying, "Happy BIRTDAY, Bethany!"

  21. I hope everything went well with the ear tubes ... and that you had a great birthday!

    Jordan was always my favorite :)

  22. Busy but sounds like you have been having lots of fun. Hope you had a great b-day. Funny about the "h"!!

  23. you had me crying and laughing all in one post. HAPPY BE-LATED BIRTHDAY LADY! Kyle forgot the "h", ha ha ha!

    So what happened with the sedated ABR or is it upcoming? Meg will be having one soon and I didn't get details regarding what they do....we meet with the ENT again on the 12th.

    Love ya!