Friday, September 4, 2009

Back to school ...

Within the past 36 hours, I have attended three back to school orientations at three different elementary schools for three different kids who will be going to school and loading buses at three different times. Three.

I'm exhausted. And overwhelmed.

Mason will be starting full day kindergarten on Tuesday. We met his teacher and her assistant, both of whom I like very much. I am super anxious about him starting school for a number of reasons ... mainly because I hope he keeps his behavior in check. He had some problems with impulsiveness in preschool and I really hope he understands ... or should I say remembers ... that it is inappropriate. I have been reviewing the rules with him and he gets so annoyed with me, as if I have no reason to be reviewing rules.

*chuckles* Crazy kid.

I also am really concerned about his learning ability. He is not grasping some of his letters by sight and his numbers are a huge concern as well. I feel like I already need to have a conference with his teacher ... and school has not even started yet!

Payton also starts school on Tuesday ... and she is going to be riding the bus! There is a separate preschool bus that comes directly to our house to pick her up. I am really anxious about her riding the bus ... I mean, she is three. I refused bus transport last year for her, but this year there is no way I can drive her since I have three kids going to three schools and loading three buses at three different times ... remember? Of the three kids, Payton has to go the furthest. The reason for this is that we were able to get her in that 6/6 classroom, which is only available at certain schools.

Payton and I were able to go see her classroom and meet her teacher, as well as the two aides. I really like all three of them, especially the aides. Her teacher was very nice, however she seemed sort of harsh to me. Harshness aside, I think she will be a great teacher from a learning aspect.

After fighting for it the entire last school year, I finally was successful in getting one on one speech therapy for Payton at school. So ... she will be getting that, in addition to her private speech therapy that I take her to twice a week.

My biggest concern is that Payton will be in school five days a week, in the afternoon. She still naps, so I hope she doesn't get so tired that her learning and behavior are affected. I am praying that she keeps so busy that she doesn't even realize she is tired. Oh, my poor sweet girl.

Addison starts school on Wednesday ... yikes! Didn't she just come home from Russia ... err something?! She will be attending school two mornings a week and she will also be riding the bus. Talk about anxiety! I feel like I'm throwing my baby to a pack of wolves!

*sigh* But ... for the aforementioned reasons, I cannot drive her. And I know my sanity will be so much better if I just let all three kids take the bus, but seriously ... people normally don't have to do this for the first time with all of their kids at once!


We have already had our first home visit with Addison's teacher and I think we are going to have a great year. I really like her and it seems like she has a great communication system with families, which I want. I feel comfortable that she will adapt to Addison and help her in her adjustment. I plan to push for another day, as well as one on one therapies at school. I also have a private speech evaluation scheduled, since her county therapy services have now ended.

So let the games begin!
I think I thought I would have more time on my hands once school starts, but I am no longer convinced that is the case!


  1. I thought I was the only one. I have 4 kids going/doing 4 different places/times this year. We too are using the mini bus for M & M. It is not possible for me to be in more than one place at a time. This is only for a season right?

  2. Wow, and I was complaining about having 2 kids at 2 different schools on 2 different schedules!

  3. I hope all goes well - you will be one super-organized mom! And you're right - often we do this one kid at a time - don't worry about feeling overwhelmed - perhaps it will even be enjoyable at some point to see your little chicks growing.

  4. I'm sure they will all thrive this year!!

    Just curious, do you now only refer to Addison as Addison, or do you still call her Nika at times? I was only wondering if she has finally adjusted to her new name.

  5. I go back and forth, calling her both. Same as I do for my other kids. LOL. I think she recognizes the name, but if I really need her attention, Nika it is. Her school is all confused over the name issue. LOL.

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  7. schools are always confused lol My 5 yr old's name is Matthew, he asked they call him Matt. so when he wouldn't answer to either they asked him, what was up. he decided his name was "Sam" what?!
    Kids hahaha

    Wow you are going to be busy. We don’t have busses where we live and only one school. Hmmm I feel lucky.
    All the best

    Oh and Mason, I wouldn’t’ worry to much yet, most of the kids here in Preschool (our preschool is your Kindy, our Kindy year is your Preschool year) dont know their letters or numbers, and our kids start 8mths before yours do at the same age.
    As we say here ‘he’ll be right mate”

  8. yeah I have one kid in 3 diff schools, with diff services, sigh, and is chaotic, and Im trying to not forget anything,

    well, glad that your kids are starting school,and that the staff that will be workingw ith them are good, everything will be fine

  9. Wow! You have a lot on your plate! I hope all three of your kids do great at school and on the bus. I feel the same anxiety about putting Caleb on the bus for Kindergarten. He just seems so little! I am able to drive him to school this year but next year he will have to take the bus!

  10. i have three kids at three different schools right now too!! You are brave with the bus thing.. i just cant get myself to have mayson ride the bus yet!

  11. Let us know how the bus goes. Just the thought of that as a possibility with Soph in a year makes me puke. Hopefully I'll move next door to where ever she'll be going. Geez, that wasn't very helpful. You'll be fine, they'll all be great and learn a lot of independence and gain confidence.

  12. oh Beth, I will cry for you tomorrow. My boys are 7 and 10 and I still cried the first day this year. I think it is because I walked away from the bus thinking "ok, what do I do now?" But after you realize that it is the best thing for them, you will be fine. But, if only you could be a fly on the wall.....

    love, Tal

  13. How about five kids on three different busses and three different schedules? Bridget is in her first year of preschool (she just turned three in July) and is riding the bus. Day one was tough on both of us, day two was easier and day three was a piece of cake! I figure that they'll have to separate from us at some point...and it is easier at our house with her leaving than taking her to school (which I can't actually do because of our schedules) and me leaving. There is an aid on the bus with her who is wonderful. That made all the difference for us! Stay strong, it will all even out soon!

  14. Bethany, Putting Jessica on the bus was the hardest thing for me. I cried for 2 weeks and to be honest I still get teary eyed sometimes even though she is fine. I feel for you girlfriend! Can't wait to hear how the bus ride and day went for Mason and Payton. It does get easier, I PROMISE!!!