Monday, September 28, 2009

Does he think he can outsmart me?

This morning as Mason and I walked toward his room to get him dressed for school, he said, "Mommy, Chicky peed in my bed last night."

Really? Because I'm pretty sure she was only in your bed to watch a movie for a couple minutes ... and I'm pretty sure you would have told us last night if she had peed in your bed.

So I go in his room to assess the situation, and there is a huge wet spot that definitely smells like urine, but is still pretty wet. So I say, "Are you sure Chicky peed in your bed?"

Mason shakes his head yes.

Somehow I came to the conclusion that he was not telling me the truth, so I said, "Did you just do this?"

He slowly and ashamedly nods his head yes, realizing he had been figured out.

At this point, I'm thinking he had just come up here and peed all over his bed, on purpose. I know, I know ... give the kid a little credit. Just then I looked down on the floor and saw his wet underwear laying there.

So he peed the bed. Why is he trying to blame it on Chicky?

I told him, "Mason, you will not be in trouble for having an accident in your bed. But you will be in trouble for lying to me and trying to tell me Chicky did it!" Mason then has an epiphany and gets an oh crap look on his face. I continued to tell him every reason that I knew he had lied to show him that he cannot outsmart me. Ha.


  1. are you sure we're not raising the same son???

  2. so what your saying is your got that deer in the headlights look like "Wow how does my mom know this stuff?, she's really smart" I love those moments :)