Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Vent.

Nika is supposed to be starting preschool tomorrow through the county Child Find program. Her preschool classroom is in an elementary school, meaning we have to follow public school guidelines.

Nika came home from Russia in November 2008 ... almost 10 months ago. Since that time, we have had to catch her up on her immunizations. I admit I have been very slow at doing this because I didn't want to overwhelm her little body.

So ... last Thursday I found out that they won't let Nika start school until she is caught up on her immunizations, no exceptions. We went to the pediatrician that afternoon to get four more shots, plus the flu mist. The flu mist, by the way, is thimerosal free and so much easier than the shot!

Also, I have decided to hold off on Nika's MMR immunization until she is four years old. This immunization scares me ... a lot. Knowing that a child's brain is full developed at age four, I feel much more comfortable waiting until then to immunize her for MMR. She is almost three, so waiting one more year isn't going to hurt her. This is my prerogative to do this, so please don't come on here and bash me for this ... thankyouverymuch.

And ... this past Thursday, I also was informed that Nika has to have a PPD test done before she can enter school since she has been out of the country for more than three months in the past five years. Did they really think waiting until two days before school starts was a good time to tell me this? Given the holiday weekend, we were not able to give her the test until today, meaning it can't be read until Friday ... meaning she will miss her first day of school. Grr.

So ... as long as the school nurse agrees with our immunization plan and her PPD test checks out, Nika will start school on Monday, which is technically day two for her glass. If the school nurse does not agree with our immunization plan ... well, let's just say things are going to get ugly.



  1. Sorry to hear that. I bet it was really frustrating to get all of that last minute.

    No bashes here. We delayed the MMR as well - it scares me too! I always highly recommend "The Vaccine Book" by Dr. Sears when people ask me why. It is very informative and I like to know what is in the shots that are going in my babies' bodies. I am sorry you had to catch up in such short time.

    I hope everything goes well and she can start school on Monday.

  2. Ok not sure about your state - but I work in public schools and they do tell you that you HAVE to have your kids immunized...really you don't ...and really if you don't you just have to fill out a piece of paper...push the issue if you don't feel right rushing them all. Find out your rights on the issue...just search immunization laws in (whatever state)

  3. I thought that immunizations were a choice a family makes...

    That would totally rust my bucket!!! (I made that up just now, it's good don't you think?)

  4. I’d be so annoyed having this news just days before, school starts. They say kids here have to be immunised but they cant make you and public schools have to take the kids. I really hope it works that you don’t have to.
    Carol I love the rust line.

  5. There must be special forms or something that you can fill out for vaccination exemption. I volunteer on the board of directors for my youngest's pre-school, and we have special forms (from the ministry of health) that can be filled out for those who choose not to vaccinate for either religious/conscientous reasons or for medical reasons. There MUST be something like that in your area. Can you contact public health (or whatever it may be called near you?)

  6. Like the other posters said, check your state to see what forms you can fill out. There must be some sort of waiver you can fill out. I am a teacher and I know our office staff always tells the parents they have to get the vaccinations, but there are waivers that can be filled out. Neither of my children (6 & 4 years old) have been vaccinated and they go to pubic schools. And at this point, I do not think they will be vaccinated - it's just what we choose to do. We had to fill out waivers for each child. You must be careful what you write, because the state can reject them. I think we did have to resubmit our waiver one time. We live in michigan and there is a group called Michigan Opposing Mandatory Vaccines. They have a website called momvaccines.org. They have waivers available on this site and I believe they also suggest what to write so it does not get rejected. Your state may have a group like this or you may be able to contact the michigan group for suggestions. Good luck!

  7. What a load of hooie. We haven't done ANY vaccinations for all 3 kids (bash if you want...I don't care!). Jack and Grace are in public school and we haven't had any problems. I wonder what your state law is. Every year they come on the news and say "Your child won't be allowed into school if their vaccines aren't up to date". It is so frusterating knowing there are families that don't want to vaccinate and think they HAVE to. Stand your ground and do some research on your state laws. Good luck and heres hoping Nika gets to start school...soon :)...at least that is one less bus rider for another day :)

  8. bethany, you dont have to have your kids immunized!!! thats a crock!! i know many that have NONE. they just sign the religious waiver or get their ped to sign off on it. I didnt do the mmr shot on mayson yet either.. still waiting. may wait forever..who knows!!! sorry you are going through all this.. what a pain!

  9. Yep--that's the school system for you...waiting until the very last second to tell you ANYTHING! Going into Sammi's 2nd year now, I've come to expect the unpleasant surprises the day before school. I can't wait to hear how Nika does at school when she finally starts!

  10. Unless I missed it... what happened?? Emma was 5 coming home and we didn't even start immunizations for her until 3 months after her heart surgery. Her immunization records just say "temporary authorization for incomplete immunizations" or something close to that with a 1-year-out date on it for school purposes.