Wednesday, October 28, 2009

31 for 21: Day 28 {Molluscum}

Uh ... Mason has Molluscum.

, my typical kid (ya know, versus my kids with special needs ... verbiage people, verbiage) isn't allowed to have anything wrong. Not that Molluscum really ranks up there in the serious department, but ... ya know. I just am so not used to dealing with medical issues with him ... I don't have that hard core for him that I have for the girls.


A couple months ago, I started noticing these small, little zit type, blistery bumps on him. A nurse at our ENT office told me she thought it was Molluscum. I had never heard of it, but after asking about it on Facebook, I found out it is pretty common. I called the dermatologist and they said, "Sure, we can see him in October."

Seriously? We have to wait that long? I had read that the bumps will eventually disappear, so I was secretly hoping that would happen. Yeah, not so much. His bumps were also pretty much only on his back (which is strange, since they are typically known to be on the stomach), so they were covered by his shirt and not a contagious threat to anyone. His sisters have not even come down with it ... and they have close contact. I think Mason got it at the pool, but that is my own little theory. I mean, where else would he have been without a shirt on in order for his back to be infected, so to speak? Ugh.

Fast forward to this week, it was time for his dermatologist appointment. The bumps have grown in number and in size, so I'm glad it was finally time to see the doctor. She applied Canthacur to each bump, which causes them to blister and then go away.

Poor Mason was either really scared or embarrassed ... I'm not sure which. He was standing in a room with three women, practically naked. And he knew the doctor was about to apply the stuff to each bump, so I think he was afraid it would hurt.

He cried. I almost cried because I felt so bad. I mean, I can go through so much more with the girls and not even blink because I am so hardened with them ... I am used to it and I am prepared for it. With Mason? Not so much.

Once they started applying the stuff, Mason realized it did not hurt. He just couldn't wait to get the heck out of there and get to Target to get his toy I promised him. Ha.

Fast forward about 24 hours later, the bumps are a mess. Some are blistering, some have the skin torn off ... poor kid. I really hope it all heals quickly and goes away!
Get It Down; 31 for 21


  1. My son had the same thing done on his face:( The blisters go away rather quickly and they have not come back in those spots. He did however get a few others which we recently had scraped off, but not nearly as bad as they were. Hope he heals quick!

  2. aww poor Mason. I've not heard of them. wonder what it was they out on them? hope they heal quickly

  3. One of my girls had them when she was about 4, some on her back and some on her arm. We didnt go to the dermatologist to have them taken care of like you did though (I hear that is the only way to actually remove them) The dr. said they would go away... They werent bothering her so we left them alone and she had them for maybe 4 or 5 months YIKES..I know someone whose child had them for a year! Anyway, they aren't a big deal medically but I know what you mean about being "hardened" when it comes to bringing the girls to the dr. I feel the same about poor William
    I hope that Mr Mason is doing well and those blister heal quickly. Have a great day :)

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  5. Oh, my goodness! I so hear ya on the struggles of the typical child all of a sudden having some issues!!! I have 2 with special needs, and my oldest child, typical and 10, is my rock and my helper! I never knew the degree to which I depended on him until last year around this time, he hurt his leg and was immobile for a few days, on crutches for 5 weeks or so, and in physical therapy 2X week for 6 weeks!! It rocked my world!! It seriously nearly did me in! I was a wreck! And seeing him in all that pain and discomfort . . . yes, I was a weak mama with him, while with the others I am a rock. Know I feel your pain . . . And hope he's better soon!


  6. i'm wondering if this is what my Matthew has, he has tiny little bumps, much smaller but they dont go with creams. off to doctors.