Monday, November 30, 2009


Mason (gets out of bed): Mommy, do you want me to tell you what I'm thankful for?

Me: Yes Bubs, what are you thankful for?

Mason: I'm thankful for you and the whole wide world.

Me: Aww, I'm thankful for you too.

Mason: And I'm thankful for Daddy and the whole wide world.

Me: That is so nice baby ... I love you. Goodnight Bud!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ...


Saturday, November 28, 2009


A few housekeeping items ...

I have created a new section of my blog for Fun Finds! When I have time, I get sort of obsessed with searching the internet for fun craft projects, great coupon deals or even free stuff. In order to not clutter our family blog with all this stuff that I am constantly wanting to tell you about, I now have a place for it.

So click on over to check it out ... and if your child has a Leapster, you might really want to click on over to see what I just posted. Also, if you come across any Fun Finds that I should include, please let me know and we'll get it up there.

Housekeeping ... I had to create a new blog for Fun Finds, so if you want notification of these posts into your google reader, then you'll have to follow it separately.


Speaking of following blogs, I never added that Follow widget to my blogs until a few days ago. I never really saw the point of it and just was not understanding the purpose. I also did not follow anyone else, because I just added everyone I wanted to follow to my google reader and didn't want to clutter the sides of my blog with all the posts showing up. Err something.

Until the other day I clicked to follow someone else ... and then in my google reader I realized that blog automatically showed up there for me to read. Genius!

Who knew? Ha ... clearly not me. And I just thought I'd share that with ya'll ... unless I am the only one who did not know this?

Very well could be.


Speaking of housekeeping, if the spammers of blog land do not stop spamming my post about My Hotel Guest, I am going to close the comments. For whatever reason, the URL to that one post must be hanging out somewhere that spammers hang out and I get several comments a day about Cialis ... stop, please! I do not want your Cialis!


And speaking of the hotel we are running around here ... does anyone know if hotels typically have a dressing service ... err something like that?

If not, I think I need to invent one. One of my hotel guests has gone n*dist since she graduated to undies. Obsessively n*dist.

Speaking of undies, Payton has successfully been out of pull ups for about two weeks now. She goes accident free most days, however accidents are still lurking around. Regardless, I am so proud of her!

Now ... if we could just get her to keep her clothes on!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Darya Project

I am an advocate for Down syndrome.

I am an advocate for international adoption.

I am an advocate for international adoption of children with Down syndrome.

And so is Lydia.

Although Lydia is just 11 years old, it seems we have a lot in common. She has two siblings that have Down syndrome ... one biological and one adopted.

And she loves them with every ounce of her soul.

Seven days ago, Lydia spear headed The Darya Project.

Meet Darya ...

Darya is an orphan in Eastern Europe. She has Down syndrome and she is waiting for her forever family. Is she not the cutest little thing?!

The Darya Project is Lydia's mission to raise $20,000 by Thanksgiving to fund the adoption of Darya.

Lydia has fallen in love with little Darya's picture. She made a pact with her parents that if she could raise the money to fund Darya's adoption, then they would adopt her.

Isn't that amazing?

Now you might be wondering how in the world an 11 year old little girl is going to raise $20,000 by Thanksgiving. It sounds inconceivable, until she put it like this ...

If 200 people donated $100 each, she would meet her goal. Or even if 600 people donated $33 each, she would meet her goal. Even $5, $10 or $15 donations go so much further than you think!

When you consider all the people in this world ... and all the people that are reading these words ... is it really that inconceivable?

I don't think so ... and I'd love to see it happen.

So far, Lydia has raised $7,021 in seven short days. She has had a car wash, three bake sales and a Christmas picture day ... and she has more planned!

A local news crew is ready to interview Lydia on Thanksgiving day ... let's help this 11 year old little girl meet her goal so that we can hear her say ...

Darya is coming home!

PS ... please spread the word!

Click here to read more about Lydia and her family. Monetary donations can be made by clicking on the paypal icon in the upper right corner of their blog.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Supporting our troops ...


Last week, I posted a plea for your help in supporting our troops. The response that I got was overwhelming ... thank you so much to everyone that asked for the address and has sent food!

A couple days ago I sat Mason down and explained the war to him a little more. We looked at pictures online from Afghanistan and he had a lot of questions ... mostly, "Who is that?" and "What is he doing?"

We talked about soldiers and I also explained to him that many of the soldiers are mommies and daddies that have to leave their families to go fight in the war for our country. I wanted him to understand it on his level, hoping that he would realize that perhaps some of his friends have parents that are deployed.

We talked about the Thanksgiving drive and how we were going to send some fixins to the soldiers so that they could have a nice meal like us.

And off we went to the store ...



We ended up with an assortment of things ...


Mason wanted to draw a picture for the troops to include in the box ...


And then we packed it all up, ready to be shipped ...


The day after we took the box to the post office, Mason asked, "Mommy, when are the Indians going to send us food?"

Sounding confused, I said, "Do you mean the soldiers?"

"Oh yeah, the soldiers", Mason said.


I'm not quite sure where he got Indians out of all of that ... or why he thought they would also be sending us food.

*smacks forehead*

I wonder how bad I confused him? It is hard to explain something like a war to a child!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Bringing me back ...

Today someone commented on an old post of mine, from our adoption blog. I went back and read the post, because I remember how much it made me laugh at the time ... and it still cracks me up just as much ...


I just had to tell you all about my crazy husband and our biographies that we each had to write. We were given instructions that each biography had to be 3-4 pages, along with a list of things to talk about. We had some friends over this past weekend, and I read them a few blurbs out of Kyle's biography. We had a good laugh, with tears flowing and all.

You see, Kyle apparently is the king of run-on sentences, or even sentences that just go in circles. Here is one example (see bolded sentence):

I don’t remember having any favorite subjects in school except for Physical Education, but I do know that I had a least favorite subject, which was Math. I never could wrap my mind around why anyone would want to try and figure out why you would want to figure the time it would take 3 different people going three different directions at different speeds what time they all would arrive at their destination point!!! I always had the philosophy that if people were going somewhere and made it there safely shouldn’t we be happy about that, and not worry so much about how fast they could get there?? Or how to make X and Y = Z. I would always rather try and figure out how I could make the baseball fly further or how Michael Jordan could seem like he was flying in the air and dunk a basketball, or average 30 points per game over the course of an entire season. What I didn’t realize until my first physics class is that the subject I disliked the most (math) had to do the most with the things I liked (sports).

Say what?! Dear Lord, he cracks me up!

Here is another one (perhaps the best one yet):

I had and still do have many friends and friendships, but I now have a smaller number of “circle of close friends” that I can trust with anything including watching my children if needed and know that if I were stuck in the middle of a snow storm and my car died that if I called them they would be there in a minute no matter what time of night or day and not say “sorry I can't come get you I have to get up early tomorrow, or its too far away or call me if no one else can come get you”.

Breathe husband, breathe! Another ...

So, after the first semester I quit school and for the next year I worked odd and end jobs, in retail, landscaping, etc to see if I could figure out “what I wanted to be when I grow up”, as the placement tests that my high school guidance counselor gave me said I should be the President of the United States and I didn’t really know how or where to apply for that job.

Too funny. I love this man, but his writing skills leave a lot to be desired!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Snotty noses. Toys. And the potty.

I have given it several days, however the snot is overwhelming our house. The girls' noses are running like faucets ... no fever, just snot. I took them to the pediatrician this morning, since their schools seem to think they should not be in school, even with just a runny nose.

Umm ... I'm pretty sure it is going to be a long winter if a runny nose keeps kids from school.

Final diagnosis ... Nika - ear infection and sinus infection, Payton - a cold.

A cold? While that may very well be, I got a script for an antibiotic anyway. Payton's teeny tiny nasal passages make it hard for her to kick a cold like the average kid, thus eventually causing infection.

So antibiotics it is. Thank the Lord. Come to us clear noses ... come to us.



While I was waiting for the girls' prescriptions to be filled at Target, we walked through the toy aisles to see what is out there this year. I'm so flustered at what to get the kids for Christmas.

Will there ever be a toy that they love so much that is doesn't end up separated into 14 different pieces and spread throughout all three levels of our house?

I know I'm getting Mason this and I really want to get the girls a doll house ... but which one? I like the wooden ones, but I'm not sure what to get. Something without tons of little pieces would be fantastic. Ha.

Mason has circled every toy in the Toys R Us book, that I can't even use it as a guide. Any suggestions? What are your kids getting for Christmas this year ... or what are they asking for? Help!


Potty training Payton has been one really, long drawn out process. She has stayed dry in her pull up during the day for a really long time ... I just have been nervous to take the plunge.

I did it.

I have had her in undies all week, during the day. She has done great, with me pulling her to the bathroom to make sure she goes. We can't wait for the day that she tells us every time she has to go ... that day might not come soon.

So it is on us.

She has had less than one accident per day ... and the one accident was totally my fault. I knew she probably needed to go, but we got to dancing in the basement and well, you know what comes next.

The true test will be seeing how she does at school. They are now taking her twice during the time she is at school, and this has worked for her. I haven't sent her to school at all this week ... ya know, because of her runny nose. So we will see.

Fingers crossed!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Praying for Liz

You know how you go through life, living happily ... only to be blindsided by something that becomes your new normal? That is what happened to one of my best friends a few days ago.

Last Friday ... you know, Friday the 13th - blech ... my friend McKenna called me in tears. She explained to me that her 14 year old sister-in-law ... Liz ... had just been diagnosed with bone cancer.

We just cried together on the phone, thousands of miles apart from each other.

But Liz is strong. Liz is optimistic. Liz is a survivor.

Please join me in praying for Liz as her treatment plan is uncovered. I can't wait to sit back and watch her truly be a survivor.

If you wish to follows Liz's journey, click here.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

This and That.

We are here, trying to stay healthy. We are not vaccinating for the flu this year, but we are feeling like pharmacists with all the vitamins floating around here. The swine flu has not struck us yet, just some runny noses and bronchitis for the momma.

I got nothing else clever to say about that.

Moving on. Ha.


With the holidays approaching, I have been focusing lately on perspective. We are so blessed in our lives, that I really just want to focus on others. I want my kids to know that there are people out there struggling. I want to reach out and help someone that needs it. I want to adopt a family for Christmas. I want to send food to the troops so that my kids truly understand what some families are going through right now.

I want, I want, I want. I want for others.

My heart is breaking for those around me who have health issues, lost jobs ... I just want to help. More on this to come.


Since taking up my itty bitty photography hobby, things have gotten busy.


Really busy.


It has sort of turned into a business ... a la Simple Charm Photography.


Which is really exciting for me!


Because I love photography.



So ... in hindsight ... clearly I need to focus a little more on myself. As I sat here typing up this blog post, I glanced at the clock and realized I was late picking Mason up from the bus stop.

*smacks forehead*

No worries, my neighbor and I have a pact to grab each other's kid when one of us isn't there. I have had to grab their kid once so far, so now the score is even. I promise to never make fun of them again. Ha.

So yeah, a little more focus on myself is coming. Oh, and maybe a little more Gingko Biloba.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mom, can we wash your car?

A couple days ago, Mason and Payton were playing in the front yard. Nika had just woke up and had a massive blow out, so I was getting ready to run upstairs and give her a quick bath. I told Mason to stay in the front yard with Payton where I could see them and that I would be right back down.

Mason: Mom, can me and Chicky wash your car?

Me: No dude, it is too cold out to be washing the car. (It was like 60-70 degrees out. LOL)

So I ran upstairs to wash Nika ... and when I came back downstairs, I saw this ...
Seriously? In less than five minutes, they have got the entire car washing system out of the garage ...
... and Payton has her shirt, socks and shoes off. The only clothing she had on was soaked to the core, not to mention her little booty was practically hanging out ... hmm, I wonder how that happened!

Mason ... any idea? Ha.

Err wait, maybe she was the one responsible! She seemed to be the one in charge of the hose ...
That's right little lady, get back to work! Ha.
This little incident actually reminds me of when Mason tried to help me wash his coat. Ha.

Love my crazy kids!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Gotcha Day: One Year Ago Today

One year ago today, Kyle and I sat in a Russian courtroom pleading our case as to why we would make good parents to Addison, a Russian orphan with Down syndrome. Trying to make them understand why we would want a child with Down syndrome was another story.

In the end, I think they understood ... and I think ... I hope ... they were inspired. The judge granted our adoption ... effective immediately ... meaning the standard 10-day waiting period was waived and we were able to take Addison from the baby home immediately!

Excerpt from our adoption blog ... 11/12/08 ... Court Day ... Yesterday we got to meet Addison's favorite caregiver. She must have been on vacation when we were there for our first trip, because I don't remember her. She is so sweet and Addison clearly adores her. She was singing nursery rhymes to Addison and she was totally doing all the motions to them ... I loved it!

Today our translator told us that the caregiver asked our translator this morning when we would be coming to take Addison for good. She said she couldn't handle it and didn't want to be there. She said she has been crying for days and she just doesn't want to be there. That makes me so sad! I almost feel guilty for taking her. I can't imagine the pain this caregiver is experiencing ... to have raised Addison for the first two years of her life, and now she will be gone to another country. It makes me teary eyed just thinking about it. I told our translator I was sad that we wouldn't see the caregiver because I really wanted to take a picture of her and Addison. I also wanted to video tape her singing the nursery rhymes to Addison so that I can play them for her when we get home.

It turns out, however, that we are picking Addison up at a different time than we originally thought, so we may end up seeing the caregiver tomorrow after all.

And we did! She was there and I was so happy about that. I didn't want her to regret being able to say goodbye ... and I just wanted to hug her for loving Addison so much during her first two years of life.
Nika with her favorite caregiver during her going away party.

Excerpt from our adoption blog ... 11/13/08 ... Gotcha Day ... We got to the baby home and met the director for the first time. She was so sweet and we gave her a gift that we bought for her. She was very grateful that we are adopting Addison and she essentially meant that if it weren't for us, then she may not have ever been adopted. I got teary eyed and then we went to visit the social worker to give her a gift, and she told us the same thing as the director and I got teary eyed again. Then we went up to Addison's grouppa (aka: her "family unit"). There were four caregivers there and yes, her favorite caregiver was there. We gave each of the caregivers gifts that we bought for them and they thanked us. Our translator told us that we could get Addison dressed in the clothes that we brought for her, so we did. Good grief ... that really made her look like Payton! LOL.

There is another family that we know that is adopting a little boy from Addison's grouppa. We had court the same day and they also had their 10-day waiting period waived, as their little boy has a heart defect. They had left the room to change him and all a sudden he came flying through the door to show his friends his new digs ... a Nike warm-up suit. It was so cute! He was so proud and so happy ... it was so fun to watch his reaction, since he is old enough to know what it means to have new things (he is almost four years old). That alone almost made me cry. LOL.

So both of our families joined the caregivers in another room and they were already crying. I lost it, Kyle lost it, our translator lost it ... we all just cried. How could you stand there and watch this and not lose it? Seriously. I know they are so happy that these kids now have families, but their hearts are also aching. I promised them that we would send lots of pictures so that they can rest assured that Addison is doing great and that she is in a great place. I know the "not knowing what happens" is the hardest part for them. It would be for me too.

Before we left, we let Addison's favorite caregiver have her time with her ... she was so sweet. She has given her entire soul to our child and I just hugged her and we cried. What a special lady.

It was time to say goodbye and all the caregivers were there. The one in red that is holding Addison is her favorite caregiver and the one to the left in green in the physical therapist that had told us she was giving Addison lots of massages ...

It has been a whirlwind of a year. Nika has adjusted beautifully to our family and everyone adores her. Mason just said to me the other day, "Mommy, I love Nika. She has such a cute little face."

The changes that Nika has made over the past year are amazing ... physically, developmentally, emotionally. She is doing awesome and we are working with her to move her past any little quirks that she has (i.e. regressing into herself and refusing to participate in one on one therapy). She has definitely come out of her shell and she wastes no time telling us "No!" right along with her siblings. Ha. Sassy little thing.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

A request from Afghanistan ...

My friend, Michelle, made me aware of a need in Afghanistan for our troops. Her husband, Joe, is currently deployed and he is working hard with a group of guys to make Thanksgiving dinner happen for approximately 200 troops in his area. DynCorp has committed to getting the turkeys for them, however they need some fixings.

So I am wondering if you can help?

Hopefully by having everyone spread the word, they will get enough canned goods to feed everyone. And if they get extra, they will save it for Christmas dinner.

The items they are looking for are: sweet corn, green beans, peas, cranberry sauce and stuffing mix.

If people want to send 1 can, 4 cans, 10 cans or however many ... it will all add up and every little bit will help. If anyone deserves to have their turkey dinner right now, it is our troops.

I plan to involve my kids in this ... what a great learning and giving experience for them.

So what do you say?

Please email me if you would like to help and I will give you the address in which to send the items.

National Adoption Awareness Month

Prior to adopting Nika, I always had a place in my heart for adoption. Being someone who suffered years of infertility, I used to search photo listings of children available for adoption ... thinking that might someday be our reality.

In the end, we were able to successfully have our beautiful biological children via IVF (in vetro fertilization). After our second child was diagnosed with Down syndrome, we weren't sure which direction to proceed in adding to our family.

IVF is expensive. Adoption is expensive. We figured that either way, we had to pay for our next child. So why not adopt a child who needs a family?

It sounded like the perfect solution to us!

So we did. And our adoption has been one of the most amazing experiences of our lives.

When speaking of adoption, I am sometimes conflicted. Many times people don't see the challenges that can come with adoption ... whether it be attachment difficulties, behavioral problems, whatever. Fortunately, we have been very lucky to not have hardly any issues with Nika ... so our story sort of looks like a fairytale story. But it doesn't always happen that way and I just want people to be prepared for that when they decide to adopt a child.

That said, I am here to advocate for all the orphans out there that need a family! Because the benefits always outweigh any challenges that may arise. I am asking you to look deep inside yourself and see what you have to offer an orphan.

These families are already on their way ... how much can we support them?

The Garcia Family ... adopting Kellsey from Eastern Europe ---> They are in country now!

The Stumbo Family ... adopting Nina from Eastern Europe ---> They have their travel date!

The Westbrook Family ... adopting Ruslana from Eastern Europe ---> They are waiting for their travel date!

The Beasley Family ... adopting Elisa, Vanessa and Arthur from Eastern Europe ---> They are waiting for their travel date!

The Nemes Family ... adopting Ana from Eastern Europe ---> They are waiting for their travel date!

The Mayden Family ... adopting Yana and Tavi from Bulgaria ---> They are working on their dossier!

The Rieben Family ... adopting three older children from Bulgaria ---> They are working on their dossier!

The Davis Family ... adopting Sergey from Russia ---> They are working on their dossier!

The Lorenz Family ... adopting Liza from Eastern Europe ---> They are working on their homestudy.

The McDonald Family ... adopting Misha from Eastern Europe ---> They are working on their homestudy!

The Velander Family ... adopting Lera from Russia ---> They are working on their homestudy!

The Zoromski Family ... adopting Lily from Eastern Europe ---> They are working on their homestudy!

You are all wrong.

When I mentioned the other day that I was tweaking my blog for something sort of exciting to come ... I think I started some crazy frenzy of speculation.

No, I am not pregnant.

No, we are not adopting.


I'm so sorry to disappoint! I was merely talking about the fact that I was invited to join the BlogHer network ... exciting for just me, I guess?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Potty. Err not.


I feel like Payton has been potty training forever. She has done so good with it and is so ready to make the big move to panties. Granted, we still have to take her to the potty and remind her to go, but what kid in training doesn't need that? And ... this is a kid that has special needs and can't talk well ... we need to just take her!

Prior to starting school ... and when she is home full days with us ... she stays dry. Sometimes we remind her to go potty, sometimes she tells us she has to go ... we have a happy medium. However, since starting school, I have noticed she has been coming home wet ... which is odd since she is rarely wet at home.

So, I asked her teacher how often they are taking her potty at school. Once ... right after snack, which is 3 hours after she leaves home. Mind you, she is gone for a little over 4 1/2 hours total ... and when she gets on her bus, she has just finished eating lunch and drinking a full cup of liquid. So I'm pretty sure she hasn't been making it to potty time at school ... wouldn't they pick up on the fact that she is wet every time they take her?

Hello, that means take her earlier! They know she is potty training ... I just don't get it.

Two weeks ago, when I asked how often she was being taken potty, I told Payton's teacher that she needed to be taken at least twice. The first time fairly soon after school starts ... perhaps after opening circle ... and the second time, perhaps again after snack or maybe a half hour before it is time to go get on the bus. I felt like her teacher sort of blew me off and I told her that if they didn't work with me on this, then I would call an IEP meeting to add it as a goal. Of course then she piped up.

But fast forward two weeks and I hadn't seen any changes.

So I brought it up again ... and got a little more stern with her. I told her I didn't mean to sound rude, but that helping her to potty train while she is at school is not an option. I again threatened to have it added to her IEP, at which her teacher again balked.

Of course she doesn't want it added to her IEP, because then she HAS to do it.

She then explained to me that they have a busy classroom and they have lots of kids with behavioral problems and blah blah blah. I told her I didn't know what any of that had to do with Payton and that Payton won't be suffering because of the issues the other kids have. This is not about them. Urgh. I also told her if she didn't start taking her potty more than once, then I would start sending her in panties and having them deal with wet pants everyday when they don't help her get to the potty. I bet that would get them moving.

So anyway, that day I marked Payton's pull up with a red X. Sure enough, she came home with the same pull up on, dry as a bone. Wow, imagine that! Her teacher also had come up with a little sheet noting two potty times, stating that Payton was dry and used the potty both times.

Okay, this is what I've been telling them ... I guess they finally believed me.

I am giving it two weeks and then sending her in panties. That is it. I'm taking the day time pantie plunge and praying I don't end up with a mess on my hands.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Updating my blogroll ...

As you can see, my blog is going through a transformation. I am doing a lot of tweaking for something sort of exciting that is about to come. :)

That said, I need to update my blogroll ... badly. Please check my blogroll to see if you are listed. If you are not, leave a comment here to be added. Or ... if you are listed and your URL is non-functional, please let me know that too. Or ... if you know of a great blog that should be listed, let me know that too!


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mason: Up, Down and All Around

I had my first real school conference today with Mason's kindergarten teacher. He continues to do amazing in school ... behaviorally and academically, which is such a relief. After having problems in both areas in preschool, I was really nervous to see how he would do in kindergarten.

Based on my observations, I think the biggest thing that has helped him ... honestly ... is his teacher. His teacher is someone who has two sides ... the strict side and the endearing side. I liken her to me. Ha. Mason adores her, however he also knows that she means business.

Another thing that has helped him is the reward system that his elementary school has. They are huge on having the kids be quality students ... and that term is thrown around a lot in school. Every day Mason gets either a smiley face, straight face or sad face based on his behavior in the classroom. He has received a smiley face everyday so far, with the exception of one day that he received a straight face ... not sure what his deal was that day. In addition to this behavior chart, the kids can get a Mini Paw (their mascot is the Westies) for doing something extra good ... or a Mega Paw for doing something extraordinary. Err something like that. Mason has received a lot of Mini Paws and even one Mega Paw so far.

I actually was just reading through the October newsletter and saw Mason featured in a list of 43 kindergartners ... out of about 175 total ... that got Mega Paws that month ... so proud of him!
Right now in school, they are working hard on learning letters by sight and knowing the sound each letter makes. They also are working on rhyming and identifying words that start with the same sound. I was telling Mason's teacher that he is constantly sounding out words and telling us rhymes ... which made her very happy! He is just so academically involved right now and I love it.

Other things they are doing in school are mixing colors to make other colors and using laptop computers to learn. They also has been working on counting, which I can tell. Clearly the way we were trying to teach him wasn't working. When he started school about two months ago, we couldn't even get him through the teens without getting confused. Now he can get to 29 no problem, he just has not grasped the concept that next comes 30 ... he tries to go to 20 again. He cracks me up.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Friends and Support

We are very lucky to have a great local Down syndrome support group in my area. Unfortunately, not everyone has that. I am even more lucky to have a close group of friends within our local support group, with whom I maintain frequent contact.

I love all of my friends to death ... whether or not they have a kid with Down syndrome. That said, there is something about the connection I have with my friends that have kids with Down syndrome. We have to deal with a lot of the same things and we just understand each other in ways that others do not ... or cannot ... understand us.

Since there is no school today, a bunch of us had a play date at a local park ... so much fun! It is actually kind of funny to watch people's expressions as a huge group of kids with Down syndrome invade the park. Not exactly something you see everyday. But, I love to watch their reactions and see how they react to all of our kids ... you can really learn a lot about someone that way.

Some pictures of some of our kiddos ... unfortunately I did not get shots of everyone ...

Ms. Nika ...
Ms. Ashley ...
... and her sister, Olivia ...
Ms. Payton ...
Mr. Riley ...
Ms. Nika ...
Mr. Mason ...
Ms. Payton ...