Thursday, November 12, 2009

A request from Afghanistan ...

My friend, Michelle, made me aware of a need in Afghanistan for our troops. Her husband, Joe, is currently deployed and he is working hard with a group of guys to make Thanksgiving dinner happen for approximately 200 troops in his area. DynCorp has committed to getting the turkeys for them, however they need some fixings.

So I am wondering if you can help?

Hopefully by having everyone spread the word, they will get enough canned goods to feed everyone. And if they get extra, they will save it for Christmas dinner.

The items they are looking for are: sweet corn, green beans, peas, cranberry sauce and stuffing mix.

If people want to send 1 can, 4 cans, 10 cans or however many ... it will all add up and every little bit will help. If anyone deserves to have their turkey dinner right now, it is our troops.

I plan to involve my kids in this ... what a great learning and giving experience for them.

So what do you say?

Please email me if you would like to help and I will give you the address in which to send the items.

1 comment:

  1. Make sure to tell people to send them in the special APO flat rate box specifically for military members overseas. It's cheaper when shipping heavy stuff!