Tuesday, November 17, 2009

This and That.

We are here, trying to stay healthy. We are not vaccinating for the flu this year, but we are feeling like pharmacists with all the vitamins floating around here. The swine flu has not struck us yet, just some runny noses and bronchitis for the momma.

I got nothing else clever to say about that.

Moving on. Ha.


With the holidays approaching, I have been focusing lately on perspective. We are so blessed in our lives, that I really just want to focus on others. I want my kids to know that there are people out there struggling. I want to reach out and help someone that needs it. I want to adopt a family for Christmas. I want to send food to the troops so that my kids truly understand what some families are going through right now.

I want, I want, I want. I want for others.

My heart is breaking for those around me who have health issues, lost jobs ... I just want to help. More on this to come.


Since taking up my itty bitty photography hobby, things have gotten busy.


Really busy.


It has sort of turned into a business ... a la Simple Charm Photography.


Which is really exciting for me!


Because I love photography.



So ... in hindsight ... clearly I need to focus a little more on myself. As I sat here typing up this blog post, I glanced at the clock and realized I was late picking Mason up from the bus stop.

*smacks forehead*

No worries, my neighbor and I have a pact to grab each other's kid when one of us isn't there. I have had to grab their kid once so far, so now the score is even. I promise to never make fun of them again. Ha.

So yeah, a little more focus on myself is coming. Oh, and maybe a little more Gingko Biloba.


  1. You are an amazing photographer and I just LOVE looking at your pictures!

    I think it is an excellent idea to give to those who really need it at Christmas - what a great idea to adopt a family!

  2. I just had to comment on the amazing picture of the girl in front of the log. Priceless!!!

  3. You are awesome! If I ever get photoshop I will need tips. LOTS OF TIPS :)

  4. Oh how I wish you lived closer! I *heart* your pictures!!

  5. Your photographs are so beautiful! Just stunning!!

  6. You do an awesome job at what you do! I checked out your photo website the other day-- impressive. It's no wonder you are a very busy woman!

  7. Your photos are beautiful, Bethany - I'm glad it's working out for you!

  8. Well, of course your little photo hobby turned into a business . . . . you are fantabulous!!

  9. Your photos are stunningly beautiful. Congrats on starting a new business and here's wishing you lots of success, too.

  10. Great pictures!

    My teenage son and husband got the swine flu(H1N1)
    Wow- they each lost 10 lbs and were in bed for a week- they would wake up soaking wet-
    My younger son and I were just vaccinated. I have never had a flu vaccine- probably won't again.
    But I would think about talking to your doctor about this one.

  11. OMG, if you ever come to Chicago, you have to take pics of my Jack. So beautiful!

  12. Your photography is so beautiful! I wish I lived closer so I could schedule a session with you for a Christmas gift for Joe!