Wednesday, December 9, 2009

All that for nothing.

It's been a stressful day ... for many reasons.

To top it all off, I just opened a letter we got in the mail today from our speech therapist. She is leaving the practice ... effective December 17.

And I am seriously about to lose it ... emotionally.

After everything we have worked for this past year or so ... gone. I understand Payton's speech won't be gone, but everything it took to get her there ... gone.

It took her MONTHS to warm up to this therapist. MONTHS to get to a point where she trusted her and would work with her. Those MONTHS were very stressful for me ... because who wants to bring a kid into therapy and have her say "No!" for the entire session?

Not me.

Now ... Payton loves her speech therapist. LOVES HER. And our speech therapist is SO good with the girls ... and has gotten them so far. Remember this post?

I know this may seem ridiculous to some people, but I feel like we are back at square one. And I suppose getting this news after an already stressful day isn't helping.


Sometimes I just get sick of everything we have to go through. In the end, it is so worth it ... but every once in awhile I get burnt out.

Today is one of those days.


  1. Sorry today was rotten to you. Hope tomorrow is better. Maybe the fact that Payton did eventually warm up to this therapist will make it easier for her to do so again, with a new therapist. She's a year old and a year wiser!! As are you! (well, just the wiser part! We don't age, right?!?) Feel better!

  2. Ugh it’s terrible when that happens.
    Extra hard to because Payton take a while to war up to her therapist.
    I feel the same way in other area’s with Aden and do understand how hard it is.
    I would think Payton wont go right back to the start, I hope not, you know your child best.

    With ST we have the opposite, Aden takes to them he’s had 3 difference speech therapist evaluate him but we never get started because they drop off the face of the earth. This last one we have seen three times over 12 mths, two of those times have been for evaluations. The other all she would do is ask me what I wanted to work on, that was 3 mths ago I guess when she comes back she will ask me again.
    They have never actually ever given us anything to do with him, but they take away my idea’s and See and Learn links…. That I have found.

  3. Oh Bethany,

    As an SLP, I am so sorry. I know how hard it can be for kids to warm up and how much I like to continue with a child until they "graduate," especially if they communicate a lot more/better with me than others. I hope that Payton will only continue to improve and that after warming up to her current therapist that she will be able to warm up to someone else too. I wish your therapist had given you more notice so she could have had sessions with her new therapist and her old one. If this is possible in the next week, I'd recommend it.

    I am so sorry. I know how hard this can be on the child and famYily (especially you as her mother). I hope it goes better than expected! I will pray it does!


  4. So sorry to hear this. Will be praying for you and yours! Switching professionals is tough and is back into the unknown!

    Will be praying for you all. You haven't been brought this far to go backwards. Hang on tight Mama!

  5. Yep, I get it! Here's to better days ahead!

  6. Chin up, sista! As hard as it is, you will find another SLP right for the girls. It is natural to be burnt out. Sending you hugs and prayers. See you saturday:)

  7. Emotionally taxing days SUCK...especially when your kids are involved. We are even newer to the SLP world, so I can't provide any great words of wisdom, but ya know...maybe the next one will be even better than the last? With all the good that you do for others (and that's just from what I've seen on here), I can only imagine that some will circle back around to you. You're a great mom, Bethany! :)

  8. I agree with you. It sucks! Never easy on our kiddo's when change takes place. I'm like you. I really dislike changes like this. We can adapt fairly easy. The kid's, not so much. Hopefully, your new SLP will be just as awesome with the girls. We'll be praying for a smooth transition all the way around.

  9. Hi there!

    I'm an SLP as well and I know that it can be so hard getting to know one another and building that relationship that is so needed for improvement to come. As a side note, any SLP who's been in practice for more than six months is all too familiar with "No!" and should be well experienced in having the patience to ride it out! ;) Best of look at finding someone new and exciting to work with!

  10. So sorry... ditto what everyone else said. I always find that, even though I dislike change so much -- in the end, there is something better that comes out of it... something that wouldn't have happened without the change. So, here's to something better!

    But we all need a moment, or a day, to be bummed about something.

    Hoping today is a better day!!

  11. sorry you are having one of those days! those days are always tough, and to top it off with your speech therapist leaving the practice, not fun at all!!! is she moving to a different practice or just staying home or moving to a new town altogether? maybe she would consider going out on her own and doing private sessions??? hope tomorrow is better!!!

  12. ((((Hugs))) I'm so sorry this has been so stressful. I know its cheesy ... but I do believe when God closes a door , he opens a window. Keep us posted...will you get a new SLP at the same place, or will you be on the hunt?