Monday, December 21, 2009

He had the biggest grin ever.

A few weeks back, the kids and I got a package together to send the troops for Thanksgiving. It was part of a massive effort headed up by my friend, Michelle, to get Thanksgiving dinner to her husband and the rest of the troops where he is stationed in Afghanistan.

Michelle got some pictures from Joe of the Thanksgiving day effort ...


It really gives you an idea of what roughing it means ... don't you think?

And seeing them all lined up ... taking part in this feast while serving our country ... it just warms my heart to no end.


Thank you so much to Joe for taking time out to do this ...


I cried when I saw it ... and Mason had the biggest grin ever.

Then he said, "Remember how you had to help me make the stars, because I didn't know how?"

And ... "I got to stay up late that night!"

Yes son
, you did get to stay up late that night so we could get our package packed and you could finish your drawing. Ahh, the things that kids remember.


  1. Bethany, don't you know those soldiers loved that?

    Mason sure is a sweetheart!

  2. Amazing, simply amazing. Good work, Mason. Good work, Bethany. And bless you Michelle and Joe.

  3. That is very neat to be able to show Mason who got his card.. Glad he has good memories :)

  4. Thanks for doing this Bethany! I come from a family of military men and this really is a great thing you did for our troops!

  5. I thought Mason might get a kick out of seeing Joe holding his picture :) Glad he did and had nice memories to go along with it :)