Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snowflakes keep fallin' on my head ...

It's a blizzard out there. The sixth largest in the history of this area ... or so they say.

I think so far we have about 2 feet of snow that has fallen. However, the drifting is so bad, that in some places it is 3-4 feet deep ... maybe more. Our deck chairs were almost buried at noon today (sans drifting) ... and it hasn't stopped snowing since.


Kyle built a snow fort for the kids ... using his pile of shoveled snow in the driveway. Mason was so excited!


And although we were a little more prepared for snow than last time ... we still were not completely there. Thus ... Payton wore her brother's old hat to give her some chin coverage ...


... and Mason wore my size 9 Columbia boots.


And Nika ... well, she just smiled in her thrown-together-unmatching digs.


If I didn't know better ... I'd think Payton was a cute little boy, wearing that hat.


Speaking of ... does she not look just like Mason?! Talk about looking like a boy! Oh, my poor sweet girl.



Nika ... yep, she is still smiling.


I -- Bethany -- hereby vow to never procrastinate buying boots and snowpants ever again.

I'm so sorry children. We may not get another snow storm for 18 years ... but by golly, we will be prepared!

My baby girl -- Payton ... contemplated revenge.


Darn you for making me wear this hat! But ain't I cute?


Shocker. Baby girl still smiling.


Ha. I can't help but look at her and smile. She cracks me up.

And even though she is smiling in all these pictures ... our little Russian princess was really less than thrilled with the snow. I'm pretty sure she never got the chance to play in the snow in Russia.


So exciting ... maybe we will finally have a white Christmas this year! That never happens around here.



  1. love the pics!
    Jenn and Courtney

  2. You just had to out do our 17 inches that we got! Enjoy it! I think all the kids look wonderful...I can't say I would be buying snow boots and snowpants when you hardly ever get snow.

  3. That IS such a hard call! I've had years that I've scrambled FAST to buy a pair of boots, only to wear them ONCE for, like, 3 inches that melted the next day. Seems like a waste. But when you need them, you need them! And with THIS storm, they are certainly needed!!! Aleena has all the garb, but it doesn't match either. Black bibs/snowpants and black boots, pink jacket and lime mittens (from last years outgrown coat). The pictures are cute! Love the one of Nika sitting in the snow, looking like, "okay, what do I do NOW?" LOL

  4. Great pictures. I want a white Christmas too!!!

  5. Great pics! We just got all our winter gear last year after moving to PA. In years past my poor kids had to wear bags over their shoes when we got snow (we lived in NC-never got snow!) But bags over shoes ain't cuttin' it in PA! Have fun in all that snow!- I was in Woodbridge in the Blizzard of 96'(the last big snow the area had)and my senior mid-terms got cancelled and it was my b-day-I'll never forget that!:)

  6. What beautiful photos of the kids! I bet the stores are sold out on snow gear now. My mom bought boots for all 3 of ours last week and I am hoping they wear them more than once before they get outgrown. They are so darn expensive!

  7. Wow - you have a lot of snow!! I love all of the pictures of the kids playing in the snow. Payton really does look like Mason - especially in that one photo! Nika is just as cute as ever smiling away!

  8. Ok Bethany, you totally had me in tears again looking at the GORGEOUS photos of your children and your writing! There are so many children out there (as you know) that don't have anything (my 15 year old daughter and I see that when we volunteer at our local food pantry on Saturdays) and your children are SO VERY LUCKY to have such wonderful snow clothes=) I LOVE that black hat on Payton!!! Hey, "Little Miss Miss Matched" was a company created to put all kinds of crazy colors/patterns and stuff together! It is totally the style for my tween and teen girls!! And to look at your amazing Nika and think of where she was and where she is now, it is one of the most beautiful pictures I could possibly imagine!!

    Ok, I need to go grab a puffs now!! I have no doubt that you will have a very blessed and Merry Christmas!! You are amazing........


  9. great photos. Nika looks like a little Eskimo.

  10. Your kids have the most incredible eyes, all 3 of them! Actually I think Payton looks so much like you in picture #8.

    From my perspective the snow looks so fabulous!!! I think it was near 80 degrees where we are today.

  11. FUN FUN FUN. And to make you feel better, I get caught off-guard every year....and I live in Wisconsin. LOL. Adorable pictures. Kris

  12. Nuttin like a good ole snow store to get you in the holiday spirit.. Love all the photos :)

  13. Your pix are beautiful as usual! I love them! They all look gorgeous! Now if you could just send some snow this way! We've never gone this long without snow!

  14. Precious! Love the snow photos. They are awesome.

  15. You have the MOST ADORABLE kids!!!! They are all so photogenic and so gorgeous! What a lucky mama you are! :)