Friday, January 8, 2010

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner -- Take Two

Winner winner, chicken dinner -- Take Two. Ha ... love it.

Words from Kristen ... the winner of the contest -->

I'm so thrilled to have won, but I was blessed enough at Christmas to be able to purchase my own running shoes. I only entered this contest because I really wanted the iPod Shuffle. That said ... I know there are so many other people who have committed to Operation C25K that do not have good running shoes ... so I want to have Bethany draw another name for the $100 gift certificate. Good luck!

So ... Nika, her exhausted/sick/camera shy self, Kristen (via telephone) and I just sat down to draw winner #2 ... drum roll please ...


  1. Pick another NIKA! Pick another one! jk...congratulations Angie!

  2. Congrats Kristen!!!

  3. Catching up on posts... first and foremost,a happy belated birthday to Payton and to you,her mommy,the very person she was meant to come to,to show you the way and lead you on roads less traveled,which really aren't that bad,in fact they are magical,are they not?Those paths led you to the most beautiful Nika... watching those two,draw names was,well,amazing,they are simply amazing.

  4. Absolutely ADORABLE-fingernails and all!! I showed the girls the video and they think both girls are just too too cute! Whoo hoo I actually won something & something that I've been waiting for almost a year-yippie!!!! Thanks B!