Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I am not getting glasses!

Mason: Mommy, can I go out and play in the snow?

Me: No, because we have to go get your eyes checked.

Mason: Why?

Me: Because you have never had your eyes checked.

Mason (in somewhat of a panic): No we do not! I am not getting glasses!

Me: Well, hopefully you will not need glasses, but we still need to have your eyes checked.

Mason (as if inferring he has something else to do): Well I am going to have a piece of cake.

Me: Okay, well we are still going to get your eyes checked.

Tonight Mason and I went to the eye doctor. I figured it was about time he have his eyes checked for routine purposes ... and I needed to have mine checked as an annual followup to laser surgery.

Mason is a tiny bit far sighted and he has a little bit of astigmatism ... nothing that requires glasses for now. Mason should be happy about that.

I asked the optometrist about the brown spot on Mason's right eye. It has always been there and I've always sort of wondered if there is anything I should be worrying about. And the answer is no. After looking at it through the microscope, the doctor told me that is it completely flat (versus being raised) and likened it to a freckle.

As far as I am concerned, I continue to see better than a fighter pilot ... thankyouverymuch. In 2007, I had Wavefront CustomVue LASIK with IntraLase and I'm told this new technology is the reason I am continuing to see better than 20/15 in both eyes.

Now where is my jet?



  1. So glad Mason doesn't need glasses! I bet he was relieved! Our kids are doomed... everyone in our families wears glasses!!

  2. LOL, Mason!

    My technology must not have been as advanced as yours because my fighter pilot eyes are beginning to fail me. When I went to my eye dr. in CA a couple of years ago, he said that I should wear glasses to watch TV at night. I had LASIK back in 2002. I still think that I am going to detach my cornea if I scratch my eye!

  3. Bless his heart. I'd a similar conversation with my six-year-old when she wasn't seeing something. I asked her maybe she needed glasses and she was quick to retort that she didn't, that glasses would make her look stupid. I then had to remind her that mommy worse glasses close to her age, did that mean I looked stupid? "No, glasses would just look stupid on me!" Was her quick cover reply. Ah, kids, gotta love how their minds work.

  4. I had laser eye surgery way back in 2001 and it was one of the best decisions I made. My eye sight is great and I love not having to wear contacts or glasses!

    I'm glad to hear that Mason doesn't need glasses yet!