Monday, February 8, 2010

A little bit of everything.


Payton saw the geneticist a couple weeks ago ... the same day Addison did. Everything was fine ... continue as normal.

4 year stats ---> 41 pounds, 39 inches
  • Typical chart - Weight 90th percentile, Height 50th percentile
  • DS chart - Weight and height: 95th percentile

A couple weeks ago, Payton and Addison had GI scopes done. Everything looked fine ... no damage seen. The GI did note that both girls have reddish stomachs, which could be indicative of some type of bacteria.

We are waiting for the results of the biopsies ... at which point we will know more.


Payton was swabbed for strep as a follow up to her last round of antibiotics. We are waiting for the results.

Please Dear God -- let it be negative.

**Update ---> it's negative!


We met with our ENT to review Addison's sleep study results. Apparently ... in the end ... she was having up to 10 episodes per hour. She also was desating to 89 at times, which is not a great thing.

So ... she will be having surgery to have her tonsils and adenoids removed. I am also hoping that this will help with her somewhat chronic congestion ... her little nose needs a break!


Payton and Addison both saw their eye doctor a couple weeks ago. Payton pretty much refuses to cooperate with him, which is frustrating. Nonetheless, we left with some answers.

In past years, Payton has always had a little bit of farsightedness. She still does. Although it seems to have gotten a little better, so we will continue to have her tested annually. No need for glasses right now.

Last year, Addison was a little bit nearsighted. This year, it is a little worse. The prescription in one eye is -1.25 and -2.5 in the other. The doctor isn't worried, since she is so young. He said that we technically could put her in glasses to help her see a little better ... yet, he also said that if she seems to be doing okay -- then just let her be. He also told me that he will not force her to wear glasses until there is a difference of 2 points between her two eyes, because that is what will start causing her to cross her eyes.

So ... not sure what do to for her. Perhaps get her some glasses to keep on around the house? Or forego glasses for now and wait to see what next year brings? Ahh ... not sure on this one!


Mason has continued to have good behavior at school ... such a relief! For the month of January, he was among 205 kids in the entire elementary school to earn a Mega Paw. That is Mason's second Mega Paw for the year. So proud of him!

We are continuing to work hard on getting him more advanced with his sight words. He is still struggling with some of the words they have been working on since September at school. He also is continuing to have a hard time grasping some letter sounds, so we are working on that too.



Courtesy of our 31 inches of snow ... school was canceled today. And it is canceled tomorrow. We are under another winter storm warning. Total accumulations expected are 10-20 inches.

Not happy. I mean ... I love snow. But seriously ... the kids can't even really go out and play in this because it is too deep. They sink. They can't move.

It sucks.


  1. I'm visiting from pure mommy extract... I'm going to look around at your story a little more. and the snow?? wow, you are getting quite a bit more than us but we are under a storm warning as well. the girls tried to go outside yesterday but the snow wouldn't pack well and they were freezing! spring can come now. :)

  2. i azm so glad you stumbled on my blog! Your family is darling! I have never seen that respect video...what a great video and how fun that your daughter was in it! i am excited to follow your cute family and experiences.

  3. Have you tried The Letter Factory dvd by Leapster for learning sounds? My 3-year-old learned all of his sounds from this video - he just loves it! There is also a Letter Factory game for Nintendo DS if you have one of those. Also, the website is a good one for learning sounds, too.

  4. Payton is beautiful will be praying for her strep test. Could you wait 6mths and have Addison’s eye’s test again? For Mason you should give reading eggs ago. It’ fantastic really is. My mum signed Matthew up (same age as Mason) when he was 4yrs, Matt was trying to figure out words back then and was Dx with PDD-nos he is a bit quirky… anyway the program was new and Matt was part of the free trail group for reading in 8weeks he was reading in 6weeks and best thing is it teaches children how to decode and all there sight words. I let Matthew at it like let him stay on the computer unlimited time.
    We don’t with video games…. But I wanted to give it the best chance…and it worked. He is in year 1 this year and reading level is year 3 or higher as well he writes and can spell all his sight words as well as many others. Cant hurt to give it a try

  5. I love all your posts, Bethany! But, what I really want to know is, How do you keep your floor so freakin' clean!?!?