Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It makes me happy.

Spring is in the air. And it makes me smile ... just like my favorite new song -- Smile by Uncle Kracker -- as is playing in the background. I usually am not a fan of music on blogs, but for today ... it makes me happy.

Spring means we can play outside again. It means we can enjoy the warmish air. It means we can resume walking to Mason's bus stop, rather than driving -- the warm weather allows us to get out the door timely without having to bundle everyone up.

And that makes the momma happy.

Payton loves to walk her brother to the bus. She gets so excited to hang out for a few minutes with the neighborhood kids and 9 times out of 10 ... she stands in line with the rest of the kids. She is waiting for the day that she can get on the bus with her brother and all the other kids.

I hope that day comes, baby girl. Yes ... I'm having a sentimental, poor me moment where I can only pray that she will be able to ride the regular bus when the time comes.

But for today ... she just wanted to push her baby doll in her stroller ... and so she did.

And I smiled. 


Because this is the life I always wanted ... Down syndrome or not.


It makes me happy.


A few days ago, I went outside to find Mason standing in the driveway armed with a can of spray paint. I surveyed the area and found that he had made his mark on a Little Tykes car that we have ... and then his little sister smeared her hands through it and wiped them all over her coat.

Graffiti tagged coats are in right now, yes?

The next day, I noticed that I had missed some of Mason's tagging.


Me: Mason, what is this?

Mason: *buries head in my side* I forget.

Me: No you don't forget.

Mason: But I was just trying to make it colorful.

Me: Uh huh. Get in the house ... now.


A weekly favorite around here is pizza ... it is a bad vice, I know. Along with that typically comes boneless buffalo wings for my husband ... sometimes one for me too.

Mason: What's that, Mommy?

Me: Blue cheese.

Mason: Well how come it isn't blue?

Me: I don't know.

Mason: It can't be blue cheese if it isn't blue.

Don't they say that if you were stranded on a desert island, that the one food that would offer you the most food groups is pizza? See ... exactly why we love it. Mountain Dew falls in that category too, right?



  1. spray paint on the house...
    you handled that well :o)

    and i love the pics of payton pushing her doll!!!!


  2. Spring makes this Momma happy too!!! I have been dying to get the girls outside. And now that Evie is walking a lot- I just love it :)

  3. I love that picture of Payton pushing the stroller. She is SO cute!

    We are loving the spring weather here too. I love being able to go outside!

  4. I love that she's pushing a Groovy Girl!!! She and Kennedy would have so much fun together!!! LOL

  5. Spring is the best!

    Nothing wrong with a little pizza once a week...or twice a week...

  6. We love pizza too...if we could we would eat it every single day!

  7. This is my FAVORITE song right now! It makes me smile too! Glad you're have a great time!