Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Loving life.

This is my favorite time of year. Spring. It just makes me so happy and excited for what is to come. Windows are open, breezes flow, the kids play and I breathe in their happiness.

Someone else in our house is particularly fond of spring ... and the outdoor time that comes with it. Hi Zoe. If you don't stop running after everyone who walks past the house, your outdoor time will be limited. Mmmkay?


We bit the bullet at Christmas and bought Mason a pocket rocket ... he loves that thing. He has been itching to get it outside and today was the day. The kids and I went for a walk and he zoomed all around us. I'm pretty sure I sounded like a broken record -- Mason! Be careful! Don't go so fast!

He only kissed the pavement one time ... and I watched it happen in slow motion from behind. It looked painful, but in true 6-year-old fashion ... he jumped up and went back to business. Had some neighborhood kids not been looking, his reaction may have been worse.

And the broken record screeched -- I told you to slow down!


I feel like we are in the middle of an infinite speech therapy marathon. Monday - 1 hour private PROMPT therapy, 30 minute public school PROMPT therapy; Tuesday - 30 minute private speech therapy; Wednesday - day off; Thursday - 30 minute private speech therapy, 30 minute public school PROMPT therapy; and Friday - day off.

Speaking of ... I finally heard back from Payton's teacher regarding her wanting to transfer Payton off her caseload, regardless of Payton's apraxia diagnosis and regardless of the therapist's PROMPT training. Hmph. I ended up having to call the head of speech therapy within the special education department ... and of course after that I got what I wanted. 

Sort of sounds like a neener-neener-boo-boo chant, but whatever -- I should have never had to deal with this to begin with.


Have I mentioned this chick is full of attitude and sass? Hello dirty look!


Nika is Nika ... just hanging, chilling, loving life. This chick attracts people everywhere we go. She is notorious for blowing kisses when we leave places ... although I'm not sure she realizes she is really signing thank you -- and smacking her lips -- when she does so.


Her adjustment continues to be amazing ... she is like a little sponge soaking up her new world. Today Mason and I were practicing her colors with her on an iPhone app that I have ... she did great knowing the colors -- if only her fine motor skills allowed her to accurately touch each color.

After attending a meeting this evening, I went to eat because I was starving ... Baja Fresh. It was funny because I had to convince myself that it was okay for me to go take a few minutes to eat. By myself. Alone. With no children and no distractions.

Clearly I was in my own little world.

I got there at 9:02 p.m. and walked in, sort of surprised to see they were still open. I ordered my food and decided to eat it there, rather than take it to go. I deserved this time, yes? 

After about 27 minutes, I realized I was enjoying my time a little too much. I looked up to see I was the only customer there. Garbages had been emptied. Cash registers closed. The kitchen almost clean. 

They had closed two minutes before I even got there and I didn't know it. What is even more remarkable is they never said anything, they allowed me to eat my meal in peace and they went about their business. While I drooled over my chicken nachos.

Thank you Baja Fresh ... I needed that. Even if I did look like a complete dork without realizing it. I guess that probably happens way more than I realize, huh?


  1. I love the girls in their vests. So cute. My mom and I are jealous that you went to Baja Fresh. That used to be our favorite place to eat when we would visit Columbus and they closed both locations. We don't have any in Cleveland either.

  2. such great pictures!! Payton is SOOO adorable and I love the sass! So I am fairly new to your blog and am curious about Nika and how you said she is adjusting amazing...what is her story? I noticed onyour blog header it says something about int. adoption, what is the story there? thanks for the info on translocation. I got my test in the mail and as far as I could tell it was not translocation. Anyway, it is fun to get to know your cute little family! I am glad you got what you wanted in the end with the speech!

  3. Bethany,

    Love this post! Yes, we all need to take some time to ourselves, enjoy it while you can get it - even if it is in a "closed" restaurant! I have to say, Payton and Nika are so BEAUTIFUL! Love your new pics with the colours, they look awesome!

  4. Great to see the kids in the Spring weather. Darling! And good for you for taking some time for yourself...it's the little things...mini vacations :)!

  5. We're loving life around here too, especially since the weather has been awesome and we can get out of the house for a change. That little bike thing is cool, but I'm surprised he's not wearing a helmet. A helmet is mandatory for kids under 18 (I think it's 18) here for anything that has wheels; bike, scooter, skateboard etc., so I guess that's why it stood out to me that Mason has no helmet. My kids go nowhere without their helmet.

    Also wondering how the running is going....you haven't posted about it in awhile

  6. Ok, I'm um ... a dork. Again. Clearly yesterday wasn't a good day. YES, OF COURSE, he has a helmet! Clearly *I* was not in the helmet mindset because no, he did not have it on. Now I feel like I have to defend myself, or just admit how much of a non-helmet mindset I have, even though I'm pretty sure -- in addition to his new motorcycle helmet -- that we have like 5 helmets in our garage!

  7. Aahhh, Spring!! Looks like the kiddos are having fun!! Our oldest, Mason (too), has a pocket rocket......I'm still having a hard time letting him get on it!! They make me so nervous! I know he would have so much fun...maybe when the weather gets warm (and a helmet of course..lol:) BTW, I'm so glad that you got what you wanted regarding Speech!! Enjoy the sunny days!!

  8. DAMN I was going to write a Loving Spring blog post today- you stole it, now I look like a copier. Lol. Love ya!!!

  9. love the girls vests!!!


    i LOVE spring as well...wishing it would come.

  10. I didn't know Payton had Translocation Ds. Our Bryce has 14/21 Translocation :)
    Never thought about that not being detected. He was the only child out of 4 that I wasn't tested on - the doctor said I was too young and had 3 "healthy kids already" - so that was a shocker!
    Mandy R

  11. What cute pictures! Your kiddos are just too cute. And I love the dinner story, what a great time that was!

  12. OMG I get that look ALL.THE.TIME!!!!!

  13. Great photos! Your so right about Spring! At what age did you start PROMPT therapy? I was going to start looking into it for Nicholas.

  14. We are loving the warm weather here while it lasts. Wonderful pictures of the kids.
    Happy to hear you were able to get everything needed for ST.
    Enjoy those chicken nachos. You were in your own little world of peace and quite with you nachos :)