Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My girls. And my boy.

My girl.


A little over a week ago, I sat in an operating room holding my youngest daughter as she was sedated for surgery. Her tonsils and adenoids had to come out. No matter how many times I've witnessed my children be put under anesthesia ... it never gets easier.

Surgery was a success.

Nika was a champ.

The crazy kid bounced back faster than a cheetah can cross a field. She and I spent the night in the hospital with the world's most dreaded roommate. For her first post-op meal, she had macaroni and cheese, peas, applesauce, ice cream and a popsicle. Perhaps I am forgetting something. I think I will enter her in a hot dog eating contest, because there is no way she wouldn't win.

Nika + food = bliss.


My other girl.


My super sassy, adorably scrumptious, full of attitude oldest daughter.

This chick is giving me a run for my money. She thinks she rules the roost and the hammer is about to come down. Problem is ... she is so damn cute that I can't help but just kiss her when she looks at me out of the corner of her eye and raises her finger as if to tell me, "No!"

I love her sass and I can't imagine where she gets her attitude. She'll go far in life ... I just know it.

After about five months of school, I finally was able to speak to Payton's speech therapist today ... I'm talking her school speech therapist. I have never heard from this woman and was beginning to get rather irritated.

Our conversation was interesting, to say the least. She acknowledged that she had received the information concerning Payton's apraxia diagnosis. Yet she didn't really seem to care to address it.

So I did.

In the interim, she told me that she will no longer see Payton ... that, due to budget cuts ... her assistant will see her and all the other kids that get one-on-one. She -- the speech therapist -- will only be working with the kids who can handle group therapy.

Does that seem backwards to anyone but me?

So then I asked the magic question, "Are there any speech therapists that are PROMPT trained?" 

She chuckled and said, "Yes. Me. And I have been using PROMPT on Payton."

Interesting. To say the least. 

So let me get this straight. Said child has an apraxia diagnosis and has been receiving speech therapy by a PROMPT trained therapist -- which we want and need -- and said speech therapist is going to pass her off to her assistant, so she can see higher functioning kids who can deal with group therapy. 

Did I get that right? Because it sure as heck does not make sense to me.

And I told her that. I'm pretty sure she completely understood what I was saying and if she didn't, I would really question her as a therapist. After I made it clear that I would fight to have her kept as Payton's therapist, she told me she would talk to her supervisor and see what could be done in a situation like this.

The thing that makes me so angry ... is that had I not brought it up, they would have just swept it all under the rug.

So I wait. She has until Friday to call me and if not, "Hello, Mrs. Supervisor? I have a problem that I need addressed."


My boy.


My baby boy ... who isn't so much a baby anymore. 

Little dude is six and in kindergarten, but he is the size of an eight year old kid in second grade. He has struggled with his reading, letter sounds and sight words, but he is getting better as we drill them into his little head as the days go by.

He is so obviously my kid. I'm told he is a math whiz ... that's me. I took college algebra for fun ... for easy credit. My husband ... not so much.

Yep, that's right ... my kid. Oh, and the tall genes ... those are mine too. Sorry babe. 

I have quickly come to realize just how grown up my boy is getting. He is currently in that awkward phase of life without any front teeth. How long does it take for those things to grow in, anyway?

The past few weeks, Mason and I have had daily battles over Super Mario Brothers on the Wii. We seriously bicker the whole time ... loving bicker, of course.

You made me die! You took my mushroom! Get out of your bubble! Etc etc etc.

But I love it. He loves it.

And these are the times that we'll remember forever.


  1. awwww...they are all adorable! Savor this time. I was just going through old video's and pictures and it is amazing how watching them it seems like it was only yesterday that Jack was 3 and in 2 weeks he will be 10. The time only goes faster and faster....can I get off the merry-go-round?

  2. Ok am sorry but that is ABSURD about Chicky's SLP. This is why I want to work in special ed or therapy (probably SLP, so I am going to google PROMPT) Because I hear all the crap parents put up with and it just makes me more determined to work in this field, you guys have enough to worry about without things like this! "I'm only working with kids who can handle group therapy" oy vey!

  3. love the descriptions of the kids - so fun that you and mason can have such a great time playing mario bros on the wii together! that is RIDICULOUS about payton's school slp!!!! isn't it so frustrating that if you just trusted all was well and didn't look into things this all would have been pushed under the rug. glad you are able to be on top of things (but it gets exhausting to always have to stay on top of things, doesn't it?!?) hope you can get things figured out w/ the speech therapist issue through payton's school district!

  4. I never met a school-based speech therapist that was worth the paper their diploma was printed on.

  5. Your kids are all so cute Bethany! I am so glad it is nice outside again and we can play again!

  6. what a great update Bethany! I am amazed how well Nika did on her surgery!! what a woman!!!! I say that is bull*&^%! when it comes to speech. Thats why I dont have Mayson in school everyday. I feel her private therapies at this age are more important then what she gets out of preschool. its so frustrating! I have bonded with her new speech teacher at school and that has really helped! I hope you get somewhere with this chick. It not, you go girl!

  7. I have little (um, make that NO) experience when it comes to being an SLP in the school as I have always been in private practice, but I do these opinions about the speech issue:
    1. If she was doing PROMPT with Payton, she really should have let you know something first. I mean you are all up on a kid's face when you do this and I think as a therapist she should explain this to you.
    2. This kind of makes me wonder HOW much of PROMPT she knows and does. Remember I told you in the email about bridging? I'd find out about this, talk to her and see if she really does a lot, if she's seeing progress, whatever. It may be she's just "doing" it, not really doing THERAPY with it. You may want to continue to look for a PROMPT therapist.
    3. Personally, I think it is backwards for the actual speech therapist to work in the group with the higher level kids. Ummm... shouldn't the lower level children NEED that true direct one-on-one? I'd really, really, question that!
    Good luck!
    Your kids are adorable and I love your photography as well!

  8. Funny...that was the first meal both my boys ate after their T and A surgeries too!

    Great pictures of your beautiful children! Enjoy those toothless times with your son...when their permanant teeth finally do come in, they look huge in their little mouths!!!

  9. Love the updates on the kiddos, Bethany! Work hard, play harder (I love the one-on-one time you have with your Mason)!! I have a Mason too(the oldest, 7 1/2 yrs, 2nd grade and losing his 1st tooth.....I just love my time with him too:) I tried taking the batteries out of the clock, but time still didn't seem to stand still! Enjoy them!!!

  10. Isn't the school system oh so fun when it comes to kids with special needs?? NOT!

    Carly can talk, she doesn't speak like, say Kennedy over at My Special K's. But, she can say words, many words. Signing is her main thing though. Which is okay. My anger with Carly's school is that her SLP @ the school, only thinks she needs to meet with Carly for 30 minute sessions, 2 times a week. I think Carly needs at the very least 3 times per week. I'd be much happier with 4, but I know we'll never get that much time. Even though Carly is the ONLY child in that school who lacks so much verbalization. They will only see her twice a week. Just CRAZY!

    Love the pictures of the kids. They are all so dang cute!

  11. love your post about the kiddos.
    Fight, fight, and fight some more for Chicky, I know you will but the school systems suck b/c they will give you as little as possible until they realize they are messing with the wrong parent and then they will say OK we can do it....why isnt the other way around so they just say "look at all of the wonderful things we can offer" it stinks but I guess that is just the way the "system" works

  12. Wow, I can't believe that therapist!!! I think you should go to the supervisor as well. I am so nervous for Sam to start school as I know I will have to deal with alot of the same issues. What is up with our school systems!!!!! I am so sorry. Keep us updated.

  13. How backwards! Gggrrrr!
    Hang in there Bethany and fight for that therapy! I think that is what is so exhausting to me-always having to "fight" for stuff..every so often wishing it could just fall into place without confrontation.. and I know that we have only just begun on that road.

    If I was closer I would picket and boycott with you-ahem,, I mean, if you decided that you would :)
    BTW, three of the cutest kiddos. Just beautiful!

  14. What a great post about all the kids. Glad to hear the surgery went went and she recovered like a champ. You are such a great advocate for the kids. It doesn't make much sense what they are doing with ST. Keep fighting them!
    Ha Super Mario Brothers, I love how all the games come back around so we can play them all over again with out kids.


    and how backwards is that?!?!?!? keep fighting b/c that is absurd to pull her out!!!

    your kiddos are precious...
    now a follower and twitter :o)

  16. Love the pics of your kids. The situation with the speech therapist is so frusterating, I hope it gets resolved, good for you for challenging it and trying to do the best you can for your daughter!

  17. I can confirm that Mason is the same size as Kameron who is 8 and in the 2nd grade! ROFL! And we have the same bickering over Mario Brothers! haha Kameron is forever pushing me off cliffs!