Monday, May 17, 2010

One of us, not one among us.

Mason: Mommy, what does Chicky's shirt say?


Me: It says, "One of us, not one among us."

Mason: What does that mean?

Me: It means that Chicky is just like everyone else, even though she has Down syndrome.


Mason (in a joshing voice): Noo she doesn't.

Me: Yes she does. Do you know who else has Down syndrome?

Mason: Nikers (referencing Nika, pronounced Nee-kers).

Me: Yep, and who else?

Mason: Lila.

Me: Yep.

Mason: And lots of babies have Down syndrome. Like Charlie.

Me: No honey, Charlie does not have Down syndrome.

Mason: Oh!

Ha. He was  impressing me there for a minute until he told me that he thought Charlie has Down syndrome. But you know what ... it just shows me that he views Chicky, Nika and Lila just the same as he views Charlie.

And isn't that the point? Love him.




  1. What a sweet boy ! I hope you don't mind me asking, but do both girls have Down Syndrome? I had no idea ! (But i am quite new to your blog) We were deciding between adopting from Russia (or Kazakhstan) and China and then we decided for China (for few personal reasons)
    Have a great Monday!!!

  2. Molly ... yes, both girls have Down syndrome. :) Payton is our biological daughter and we adopted Nika from Russia a year and a half ago. :)

  3. Love that shirt! Your boy is going to grow up having so much compassion for others. Such a sweetie!!

  4. Mason, you sure are a wonderful big brother. Don't you just wish EVERYONE would just get it like kids do?!!! SWEET:)

  5. Love that Mason has such a capacity for compassion and will surely be speading it!

  6. great conversation and LOVE his views of his sisters and other kids/babies!!!

  7. how sweet, love the innocence in young children. When WIlliam was a baby, Brooke thought if she saw a small baby that meant they had DS too. love it b/c they don't think of their siblings as any different

  8. Love that saying- so pertinent to so many things! And I Love this story! Thanks for sharing!

  9. What an absolutely beautiful post!

  10. Great shirt and a great post. I love it when our "non-Ds" kids make such great observations and surprise us with their open hearts and minds.

  11. Love the shirt. Is it available for purchase?

  12. Hey Jeri .. not that I know of, it was our buddy walk shirt a couple years ago. It is/was sort of the NDSS mantra, I think?

  13. How sweet is that. Love the pictures, so cute. Love the shirt as well.

  14. Ok, so I have a blogger question for you that has been driving me nuts!! I have noticed that you along with some other bloggers i follow add color boxes beside your photos. (you also add your photography name) but how do you get the boxes there? They are exactly lined up with your pics and they give your blog this very well put together look.(ok, so i am jealous) I have googled myself to death trying to learn but i am stressed out and can't google anymore! If you have the time, can you tell me?!?!?!
    Thanks! =)