Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Summer.

My favorite thing about the arrival of summer is the traditions that come with it. Last night we went to the community pool for the first time this year as a family. The water was chilly ... but the kids could have cared less.


Nika assumed her position floating along. Payton tried to float with the assistance of water wings that failed to do their job ... and she sunk. Momentarily. Instead of relying on water wings, she clung to her daddy's neck ... nothing new for that self-proclaimed daddy's girl. And Mason ... he swam, because he can and he is a rock star like that.


Payton is seriously a wild fish ... she always has been. And she has never been afraid of the water. She loves it. By the time we were done swimming, between her lack of sleep (courtesy of a sleep study last night) and the chlorine of the pool ... her eyes were so red that she could barely keep them open.


Part of summer nights spent at the pool includes the $7.99 pizza special. The whistle blows for break time, the children exit the pool dripping wet and a pizza is scarfed down before the next whistle blows allowing them back in the pool. Something about pizza at the pool makes it all the more complete.


Payton, can mommy take your picture?


Payton, if you want to go back in the pool, then you better, "Say cheese!"


Nika hated the water when she came home from Russia. The bathtub, the pool ... didn't matter what it was. We were told that the kids in the baby home are rarely immersed into bath water, rather just given sponge baths. And if they ever were immersed, the water was likely freezing cold ... because ya know, it was expensive to heat the water.

Thankfully ... we have worked through hear fear of water and she happily splashes along. She even enjoys jumping into our arms from the side of the pool ... if only she would learn to close her mouth when immersed in water. Sigh.


My other little fish ... err, big fish. We cannot get this dude out of the pool ... no matter how hard we try. He asks to go to the pool He loves it.



The arrival of summer also means barbeques with family and friends. We have had a few already this year ... great conversation, belly rolling laughter, happy children, the delicious smell of grilled food, ice cold beer, crackling bonfires ... what more do you need?



Happy Summer my peeps!


  1. Matthew keeps his eyes and mouth open under water too - LOL!!!
    Have a great weekend, Bethany!

  2. Beautiful photographs, looks like fun!

  3. such beautiful picts, for such beautiful kiddos

  4. Happy summer! Love those pictures!!

  5. 1st time poster here! stumbled upon your blog and just wanted to say hello! your family is beautiful! your pictures are breathtaking! awesome! I have a almost 4 month old Grady with DS!

  6. The kiddos smiles say it all-welcome summer! How fun! We have been lounging, sleeping in, sun bathing, and taking our days as they come minus clocks and schedules. I have to say, it is wonderful! Happy summer to you all :)

  7. Aahhh..wasnt that sleep study fun:~) We just went through that about a month ago..but I am so glad that we did!!!

  8. Love the pictures of all the kids swimming in the pool. We are still waiting for it to warm up out here, hopefully before summer is over.

  9. aaaghh the joys of summer! I love your pictures! they are always so cute!