Monday, June 7, 2010

We will live our summer to the fullest.

The heat has arrived and with that comes summer fun. And busy schedules as we finish out the school year. Who am I kidding ... busy schedules are nothing new. Ha.


We are two weeks from being out of school and I.cannot.wait to have more flexibility with our schedule during the week. We will play, we will swim, we will go on field trips ... we will live our summer to the fullest.


And I am trying to make a pact with myself to return to blogging often. Ha.


Mason is finishing out the school year strong ... he has come so far with his reading and phonics. He passed his end-of-the-year testing with flying colors ... and that makes my heart happy.


Payton is coming along with her speech ... we have full on conversations even though we sometimes have no idea what she is saying. She has made great progress since we started her with PROMPT therapy ... and that makes my heart happy.


When I think back 19 months and imagine the little girl we brought home from Russia, I become more and more amazed at Nika's progress. And that makes my heart happy. She loves to learn, especially through music. And the more comfortable and confident she becomes, the more defiant she becomes. I have never seen a child experience more melt downs over something as simple as who gets their snack first. Little stinker. I am completely serious when I say I hope this is an age related phase versus lingering emotional issues brought home from Russia. That is something that scares me very much ... and all we can do is try to balance love and comfort with discipline and proper behavior.


On that note ... here is to the beginning of summer fun!


  1. Well, Miss Kate is almost 2 and didn't come from Russia and her tempers are unreal (my other 2 kids where never like this). Tonight Jack tried to bring her back to me so she wouldn't go by our lake and she ended up laying on her back kicking and screaming....she looked like a turtle that couldn't get up, but sounded like someone was ripping her toenails off one by one. She should play with would be interesting :)

  2. I love summer too, we try to do as much as possible know, we exhaust the kids and they are at their max grouchy potential ;)

    Funny to read you all still have 2 weeks left b/c we have been out almost 3 this Thursday. Of course we go back Aug 9th UGH!!! When do you all get out?

  3. my two year old is having major temper tantrums =)

    and we love summer around here too!!!
    get the kids really tired by keeping them super busy....
    means good sleep @ night =)

  4. Nika and Evie can play together, fight over toys and cry, Lol. Dont you just love them! And... it has nothing to do with Russia, it's called very emotional little girls.

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE all the pics! You have the cutest kids!!! Happy Summer!

  6. Woo hoo!!! LOVE it Bethany! I was just informed by my mom that Joaquin has hit the terrible two's for her! I think that stubbornness just might come along with that extra chromosome! :)!

  7. what great pictures that perfectly capture summer as a child! I am sure you aere doing a fabulous job letting Nika know she is loved! Your girls are sooo beautiful!!

  8. I have missed your blogging.

  9. cool, this end of year for us is crazy too, and i only have one kid. sigh.
    anyway, is nice to see a post with pics, love and miss your posts.

  10. So glad you are back (you were missed). The kiddos look like they are off to a great start this summer!

    p.s. Thanks for the Adopting From Russia CD recommendation. I ordered the CD and it is helping a lot.

  11. I have an almost fourteen year old who (in the words of my grandmother) has always been a handful....sweet to sour in under ten seconds. My oldest was a dream; my youngest, not always. I just finished reading The Explosive Child and I couldn't believe how much it helped me understand her and how she thinks. Nika might be a little young for some of the suggestions, but it is never too early to start.

  12. Wow, two more weeks? This is our first week of the summer with no school and it is awesome!