Friday, July 30, 2010


I have noticed some jumps in Payton's speech and communication over the past few weeks ... I'm not sure what has prompted it, but I'll take it!

Her favorite new word is 'boy' ... she calls Mason 'boy' and it gets on his last nerve. Ha. 

"My name is Mason!"

She doesn't care what he says. Ha.

The way she says 'boy' ... boieee. So cute. And 'blue' ... that is her new favorite color ... everything she wants is bluuuu.

Here she is, little stinker ...


  1. I think her speech sounds really good! You must be so excited!

  2. so happy to hear that her speech is coming along so well - especially recently. does she know calling mason "boy" annoys him? such a typical sisterly thing to do - to bug her older brother :) funny!!!