Thursday, October 7, 2010

Nika. Or, Addy.

Addy ... Addy ... Addy.

That is what Payton now calls Nika ... and we have no idea why. Or where she got it from. We assume that one of her teachers or therapists are referring to her as Addy, given that her name is Addison. But we rarely call her Addison ... and we have never called her Addy!

Quite frankly, we think it is adorable that Payton has her own little name for Nika. And we love how she says it ... oy, time for a name change?

Poor Nika.


  1. Jack was watching this with me and every time you said,"Where's Nika?" or "Where's Addison?' Jack would point and say, "Right dere!" We've watched it 4 times...every time the video ends, he says, "Again!" LOL

  2. Very cute! Love that she has her own little nickname for sister. And that she gets the fact that Addison, Addy and Nika are the same little girl!!

  3. Love it! We LOVE the name Addysen (obviously) but thought Addy would be easier to say and write at first so we went with it. Payton is so awesome, love her!!!

  4. i LOVE the way she says "Addy"! and how she wants to see the video at the end of you recording her :)

  5. Payton is talking very well! Only having video that you post to compare it to it sounds like a ton compared to the last time you posted!!!

    And I have to comment...despite the fact that I would rather do laundry...or yard work...than sit and watch a whole football game...I can't stand seeing #4 in purple...yuck!

  6. She's adorabl...and I love the Favre jersey!

  7. Awe, I just love seeing her in action! so cute!

  8. Hi,
    Was Nika the name she was given at birth? Did you guys change it because it is not a common name for the US? I love both names, Nika and Addison (and Addy, too, of course).
    What do you think Nika prefers? Does she get confused? Am I even right about her birth name being Nika?
    Love all your kids!!