Monday, October 4, 2010

Who am I and how did I get here?

A couple days ago, I received a phone call from our adoption agency asking if we would be interested in attending a White House event having to do with adoption, The Adoption Tax Credit and the Affordable Care Act.

Umm, yes please!

I experienced a wee bit of intimidation after I received a call stating, "You will be receiving a phone call from the White House shortly. The number will likely show up as being private, so make sure you answer your phone."

Umm, yes sir!

Everyone I have dealt with has been more than nice ... and not intimidating at all. But, that doesn't mean I am not nervous as all get out ... because I am.

Kyle, Nika and I will be there. I will be giving a five minute speech about our adoption and what the tax credit has meant for our family.

The invitation from the White House ...

Please forward this invitation widely


You are Invited to a Webcast:

Helping American Families:
The Adoption Tax Credit and the Affordable Care Act

Date: Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Time: 12:30 PM Eastern, 11:30 AM Central, 10:30 AM Mountain, 9:30 AM Pacific

Watch live at:

You are invited to join senior administration officials and leading advocates for a webcast to discuss the importance of the Adoption Tax Credit, and the key improvements made to the Credit under the Affordable Care Act.

This event will feature two families who are benefitting from the Adoption Tax Credit and who will share their stories about what adoption has meant for their family.

They will be joined by leading advocates on the Credit: Bill Blacquiere, Bethany Christian Services; Barbara Collura, RESOLVE; and Chuck Johnson, National Council for Adoption.

White House and HHS officials will also join this roundtable.

Please forward this invitation widely.

You do not need to RSVP for this webcast.

PS ... Please pray I do not stumble on my words. That would be fantastic. ;)


  1. Can't wait! You're going to do a great job, Bethany!

  2. Good Luck Bethany.. I will be thinking of you. Unfortunately I can't watch, I'll be doing the twins' IEP. GO GIRL!!!!!

  3. Wow, I am online friends with an up and coming celebrity! Good luck! You'll do GREAT!

  4. When I was on the Utah Adoption Council we talked alot about this adoption tax credit and it's benefits. Best of luck, I know you will do great!

  5. So cool. Can't wait to take our credit next year (finally!).

  6. P.S. Hope you don't mind if I post the webcast info on my blog :)

  7. Yay!!! Can't wait. You all will do fabulous and Nika will charm the socks off of everyone :)

  8. I'm watching you right now on the web cast! You are doing an awesome job & your family looks beautiful. Thank you for speaking for adoptive families!


  9. You did great!!! And Nika (and your hubby) were adorable in the background :)

  10. Great job, Bethy!!!! You were outstanding, and I loved watching Nika play with Kyle and wave at everyone in the room :)

  11. That is SO great! What an amazing opportunity for you to share your story and help other families! Can't wait to watch!

  12. So I just realized it happened already and watched. You did great! You brought tears to my eyes telling your story and your husband and Nika then made me laugh out loud with her playing!

  13. Awesome job!! Such a wonderful opportunity to share your story! I love how Nika was playing with your husband as you were talking. Then she started waving to people in the studio... looked like a little politician!! She'll make a wonderful ambassador(ress) for adopted kids with DS. She's so cute!