Thursday, December 16, 2010

Memories and traditions.

Two years ago, we took one of our first family outings as a family of five to our local holiday parade. We froze our butts off, but that day was so special and held so much meaning. Just weeks earlier, Kyle and I arrived home from Russia with Nika in tow. She was such a baby ... I don't think I realized at the time just how much of a baby she was.

Holiday parade December 2008

Last weekend, as we sat and watched that same parade ... I couldn't help but reflect on the past two years. We are happy. We are creating family memories and traditions to last a life time.


There is something about holiday parades that make me all giddy on the inside. Gathered with friends and family, sipping hot cocoa and munching on donuts, anxiously awaiting the first glimpse of the parade.


Remembering my marching days, tooting my clarinet and trying my hardest to keep a straight line. Getting emotional at the sight of soldiers marching in unison, bringing the memory of my grandfather to the front of my mind.




Counting my blessings on the sidewalk beside me.




And the historical parade closing ... Santa and Mrs. Claus themselves.



These are the traditions we are making because the memories are priceless.


  1. Beautiful Pictures. It looks like so much fun.

  2. Love everyone! I still can't believe how grown up the girls look, well and are... Believe it, I played the clarinet in the band too! LOL

  3. Bethany~

    I LOVE your new header and name! What incredible pictures:) We go to our Christmas Parade every year too! Our girls are now 13 and 16 and I remember when they marched as brownies, created and rode on girl scout floats and even did a cool formation thing with shopping carts filled with gifts! Now my oldest marched in the Color Guard for her high school band and my youngest had to leave early because she had a tenhnis tournament! CHERISH every single moment, because before you know it they will all be teenagers!!

    Merry Christmas.........Susan from Boston