Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice ...



Payton celebrated her birthday this past weekend girly style ... with all of her best girlfriends. Lots of pink ... lots of frou frou ... and most importantly, lots of smiles.




The dress shoppe. Grab whatever it takes to make you stylin ... feather boa, beaded necklace, doodle bop headband and heart shaped wand ... combine that with your tutu and you ought to be rockin by the time you are done.





I just have to say ... my niece is the most.scrumptious.thing.ever. Granted, I am biased, but look at her ... is she not the cutest? This picture just makes me smile ...


The beauty shoppe. Paint your nails, apply a little gloss ... every glam girl needs the perfect, final touch. Which color best suits you?




Special thanks to cousin Maddy for helping to run the beauty shoppe and making the girls look fabulous.




Haha ... that has to be the best picture ever ... no? Oh Evie ... you crack me up. Let's see it again ...



The food shoppe. Chicken nuggets, plain pasta, apple slices, goldfish and water ... some of Payton's favorites. Well, minus the apple slices. Ha.



The sweet shoppe. Every girl has a sweet tooth ... chocolate covered marshmallows, pixie sticks, cupcakes, double bubble gum and strawberry flavored marshmallows ... whatever will satisfy that sweet tooth ... it is all yours.




Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Chicky, happy birthday to you!




Oh baby girl ... such a serious, beautiful face ...


The souvenir shoppe. Keepsakes are very much a part of who a girl is ... just a little something to take home. Bubble bath, a shower poof ... and don't forget all the other goodies you picked up in the shoppes.



The newest additions to our family ... twin girls, Cassidy and Taylor ...


Does it get any cuter?



After Payton and her girlfriends were done shopping, it was time to hit the club. We turned up Dora's birthday jams and got out the limbo stick ... it was so cute and the kids had a blast. 

Note to self: play the limbo at every subsequent birthday party.


It was hilarious to watch what each of them did ... some crawled under, some stepped over, some tried to hang from the pole and some just danced around it.


As soon as my niece saw what was going on, she crawled her little booty right on over ... it was hysterical to watch her from behind ...




A birthday party ... be it girly or not ... would not be a birthday party for Payton without her two favorite boys. I'm pretty sure Mason and my nephew, Jaxson, had just as much fun as the girls ... sans tutus.



I need to thank our friends and family for allowing this party to happen with just three days notice. We feel so incredibly blessed to call upon them at such short notice to celebrate such a special day with us ... thank you, thank you, thank you!

And I promise to try not to procrastinate in the future. Ha.

Thank you also for visiting the gift shoppe ... Payton was so excited to open all of her gifts that found their way to the shoppe. She has also promised me that we will donate some of her old toys to charity. And yes, that means we really are doing some toy purging ... soon.



Party tips, for those that have been asking ...

*Happy Birthday banner designed in photoshop, printed on cardstock and strung on ribbon.

*Feather tree accents made using feather boa pinned around a styrofoam cone (found at Michaels).

*Although you can't really tell in the photos, we blew up 50+ balloons in light pink, fuschia, black and silver to scatter across the floor. This was a hit among the kids!

*Shoppe signs made in photoshop, printed on cardstock and mounted on styrofoam board. If I really had my way, they would have been hung a little lower. Love you husband! Ha.

*The dress shoppe finds ... heart wands can be found at Michaels. Feather boas are also from Michaels in the craft aisle ... they were cut in half to become the perfect size for little girls to throw around their necks. Doodle bop headbands found in the dollar bins at Target and beaded necklaces can be found at any party store.

*The beauty shoppe finds ... lip gloss and nail polish both found in the dollar bins at Target.

*Flower cupcakes made using flower cupcake pan (found at William Sonoma) ... and decorated by my rockstar sister.

*Marshmallow treats made using jumbo marshmallows (found them at Super Target) stuck on skewers (tip: I used wooden skewers, but later wished I had bought the white sticks in the baking aisles at Michaels), dipped in pink colored white chocolate and topped with sprinkles. Cover with clear cellophane bags (found in the baking aisles at Michaels) and secure with ribbon. For display, I stacked two 2" pieces of styrofoam in a metal tin (found in the dollar bins at Target). I stuck the skewers in the styrofoam securely and then covered the styrofoam using Good and Plenty candies. 

*The souvenir shoppe finds ... cute little bins and pink bubble bath (all found in the dollar bins at Target).

*The venue ... I rented our community clubhouse, which worked perfectly.


  1. Amazing.Simply amazing.Fitting for your amazing and truly beautiful Payton.

    The party looks like it was much stinkn fun!And three days?Please!I have 4 of my 6,with birthdays within a month of each other,starting with Zoey's on March the 2nd.I best get moving now!!Rebecca from Bates Motel,with beautiful Samantha,commented that Zoey reminded her of a little pixie,on that last post I did...gave me the perfect idea for a theme for her.Any of your creative ideas from a far would be greatly appreciated.Kidding.Sorta.

  2. That was amazing!!! I can't believe you pulled that together in three days!! it was beautiful!

    Everything was perfect. thanks for the tips! those marshmallows looked awesome.

    And YES your niece is scrumptious!!!!!

  3. WOW - it looked so completely and awesomely girly!! Makes me want to be just a little girl again - all that pink, the tutus... Beautiful!

  4. Wow!!! You are really good at putting things together!!! Looks like the girls had a blast and I'm so jealous... MY birthday parties were never that awesome! I can't wait until Avery is old enough to have a girly girl party.. totally stealing your ideas!

  5. GREAT job! I'm in awe of your party planning skills. It looks like a fabulous party, enjoyed by all.

  6. To much fun!!!! Looked like everyone had a great time. Thanks for the ideas.

  7. How amazingly adorable! You must be Superwoman!! The party looked like a professional hire!!! When I get my camera back I have got to find out how to edit from you, your pix are always so gorgeous! Happy Birthday Chicky!

  8. WHOA, SUPERMOM:) 3 days??.....you rock!!! lol What a fabulous "girly" birthday fit for one amazing little princess!! By the looks of all those smiling faces......I would say that party was a hit!! I wish planning "BOY" birthday parties were so easy:( Can I hire you??!! lol

  9. Wow, three days??? Amazing party! Happy birthday to Miss Chicky who was one of the very first cuties to inspire me after my daughter Macy's birth 3 1/2 years ago. (Where does the time go?)

  10. Oh my gosh, I'm saving this post for when Arina gets a little older. We are so doing this party. It was beautiful!!

  11. Jaxson might not be sporting a tutu but he is rocking the beaded necklace.

  12. What a deliciously girly birthday party! This totally trumps my makeshift spa birthday when I was 6. I'll be sure to pass along my dissappointment to my Mum, haha.

  13. Looks like a fabulous party!
    Happy, happy birthday!

  14. Holy moly - you know how to throw a party! I always feel so bad that my daughter's party is a just a playdate with cake :)

  15. What a great party! Spectacular knowing that you planned it in three days!

  16. Looks like you pulled off an amazing memory maker for the kiddos. Glad everyone had a great time!!!

  17. oh my....what a party! everything was too stinkin cute! and your pics are amazing! do you use lightroom or photoshop for the way that you display them? i finally got a good camera a few months ago but have not bought a program yet...still trying to decide?? www.missmaggierae.blogspot.com

  18. Bethany, you're awesome! Happy Birthday to Payton from Canada!

  19. ok seriously? could you be more FABULOUS?!I think not! What a cute party with a darling princess! I will have to remember the limbo! Also those twins are ADORABLE!!

  20. Payton is one lucky girl! Happy Birthday. There were a million cute photos but the one of the twin girls was so adorably cute. love all of it!

  21. Wow! What an incredible birthday party for sweet Payton! And you pulled that off in three days - that is incredible!

  22. Wow! That is some party for spur of the moment. What a cute idea for a girl's party. It all looked like so much fun.

  23. What a fun little party! I love all your decorations.

    Just Better Together

  24. Seriously cute party. ALMOST makes me wish I had a little girl :)

    *sigh* I will have to settle on putting on a magical Star Wars party next month!