Monday, February 21, 2011

a celebration of life.

our family recently celebrated life, in more ways than one.
my niece turned one.

i look at her and my heart skips a beat.


my grandmother turned 80.
she and i.
we are one in the same.


and we celebrated both of them.


my sister is a rockstar baker.
look at these owl cupcakes.
freakin adorable.


we had a just dance 2 competition.
kyle got gram on the dance floor.
she loves him.
anyone who will pay her extra attention.
they got her love.


family snaps.
quite possibly the most.stressful.thing.ever.
the whole extended fam.
gram and her daughters.
gram, her grandchildren and their spouses.
gram and her great-grandchildren.
the kids call her gigi.



kyle and my brother-in-law got gram soup for her birthday.
sort of an inside joke.
but gram is always complaining that all she gets to eat is soup.
she says she is sick of it.


did i mention my sister is a rockstar baker?
check out big owl.



olivia wasn't so sure of her cake at first.
picky princess, she is.


she had more fun feeding it to uncle kyle.


my baby cousin is going into the Air Force. 
i am so proud of him. 
he spent a lot of time with us over the past year.
my kids absolutely adore him.
he leaves for basic training in may.
apparently the thing to do when a soldier leaves is to toast him.
with a shot of liquor.

who knew.


and if you are my mother ... you buy whiskey.
toast him we did.


the only thing missing from this day was my grandfather.
although i know he was there in spirit.
he would not have missed it for nothing.

and to top the day off.
nigel grabbed a knee and proposed to his girlfriend.




it was so sweet.
i cried.


they make each other so happy.
and that makes me happy.



  1. BEAUTIFUL post Bethany! WOWZA what a celebration for SURE!

  2. you made me cry...
    beautiful pictures...

  3. I love the "toasting" picture. What a great day for your family!

    P.S. Your sister is a rock-star baker! Is she for hire?

  4. Beautiful celebration all around!! Congrats to all. P.S. Your sister is an AMAZING Baker!!!

  5. Looks like a fun celebration..thanks for sharing :) Been thinking of you and hoping each day finds you feeling a little bit better...

  6. well, i'll raise my glass to good tears any day.

    big love.

  7. Awe, that's for sharing. Beautifully done and the photos are amazing. May God Bless all of you for many many more years ox

  8. What a special day!!!!!!! What a great post! I love your grandma...and I haven't even met her. Although, I guess, if we're twins, that makes her my grandma, too, right?? Love you!

  9. awww you have a beautiful family!!
    look at your grandma !! she looks amazing !! :)

    oh and great pictures!!

  10. Beth, What an awesome job telling about truly a great day! Your photos of course are so beautiful. Thanks everyone for the compliments on my baking. Linda, I will bake for you any time! :)
    Sister Kristie

  11. Beautiful photos... so many great celebrations! Gorgeous cupcakes, too!

  12. I love your style of shooting pictures, it is so refreshing! The cake and cupcakes totally rocked!

  13. That was quite the celebration of life, family, and love! Thank you for sharing. Your lovely photos made me smile.

  14. A celebration of life, indeed!! What a fabulous post, Bethany.....brought many smiles and tears of joy too (for you and your family)!! She looks AMAZING!!!! Grandmother's are the lucky are we (& our children) to have these memories......celebrating my YiaYia's (grandmother in Greek) 93rd birthday really makes me appreciate each & every second with her! She is a rockstar too......still vacations (Disney & Vegas are her favorites)......AND she still drives!!!! Love her!!

  15. Hey there,
    I just read about the miscarriage. I think that was what you were saying I did not read the whole thing through. I just wanted you to know that we lost our baby 2 weeks ago on Saturday.My Dr.told me if you wanted to get pregnant agin the fastest way is right after a miscarriage. The pregancy just holds better. I have miscarried 5 times before and gotten pregnant every time right after. So... we started trying again and yesterday we found out we are expecting again.It was very fast, but it always works. I hope you guys are able to try again and I know what you are going through. Please feel free to email me or anything if you need to talk!!