Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My butt is numb.

Sitting here in my bed. Yesterday was pampered by my husband and today ... my mom and grandmother. I don't know how people do this for extended periods of time. I mean ... my butt is numb. And although I had all these grand aspirations of getting a ton of things done on my laptop ... I'm not sure any of that has happened.

My grandmother saw the picture of our little ice baby yesterday and proclaimed, "I am 80 years old and I learn something new every day!" Well ... she will be 80 years, on Valentine's Day. And of course she was horrified that people know we are trying to have a baby ... "Isn't anything private these days?!"

Ha ... love her.


I snuck up on my girls a few days ago.


Oops ... caught red handed.


"That is quite the assortment you got there, Payton."


She agreed.


Beautiful my babies. Beautiful.



Mason came home from school yesterday and told me he broke up with his girlfriend. When I asked him why, he told me that he didn't know ... he just felt like it. Oh ... and the best part is he told her sister to tell her. Clearly I have a lot of teaching to do here.

Wait ... why does my 7 year old have a girlfriend?


A couple days ago, I posted this on facebook and twitter ... Last night at 11:51pm, I came upstairs to find Payton still awake and laying in bed playing on her brother's iPod Touch. Little stinker! So I took it away and told her to go to sleep. Two minutes later, I hear the tv ... I go in and the little stinker had turned a movie on!! Inside I was cracking up, but I sternly told her! All I could think of was ain't no Down syndrome gonna stop this chick ... SHE IS SMART AS A WHIP!!

::love her::

She has been pulling this kind of stuff a lot lately. The best of them have to do with her iPod Touch and hiding it behind her back real quick when I come into her room at night to check on her. The little stinker knows she shouldn't be goofing around on it ... devious little thang. And as much as I know I have to discipline her to her face ... I just can't help but smile. Never in my life did I think my child with Down syndrome would have the smarts and the wit to pull stuff like this ... I'll take more please!


Payton just brought me this picture.


I asked her if she colored it for me and she said, "No ... birfday!" Guess it is her birthday today ... news to me, but whatever makes you happy, baby.


Oh ... and the winners of the BusyBodyBook are ...


The Lehnick Family said... if I don't win one of these...where do you get it???? I can't get enough of your sweet family...You are perfect in every way... (#10)

RK said... Isn't it funny how commenters come out of the woodwork for free stuff!?! But who can blame us? That looks like a pretty nifty little item, I admit. I told someone recently that since leaving the professional world, I didn't really use my PDA or smartphone for my life-brain like I used to. And I haven't found a replacement... dangerous. (#36)

Anonymous said... Bethany, I'm always on the look out for a great calendar that can handle a family of five-this looks like it might be it! I love a good calendar! Hope you're enjoying your snow days! Mindy Ripp (#27)

stephanie said... Love the new name, and your giveaway. Right now I use a calendar that is missing most of the time. if I don't write everything down I'm seriously in trouble. and I never carry the calendar with me so I am dependent on my steel trap of a mind to remember things until I get home. I always thought I was an organized person , but the truth be known I'm a mess! (#16)

Ladies ... shoot me an email at with your address and I will get these out to you. Hopefully tomorrow ... after bed rest is over.

And if you wanted to order your own BusyBodyBook ... click here ... it looks like the 2011 calendar year is 15% off.

By the way ... that giveaway was fun ... maybe we should do it more often!


  1. I am so loving your little girls!!! They are such a blessing to see grow up and they help me not be so scared of the unknown and what if's. Good luck with the bed rest and take advantage of all the pampering :)

  2. No way. I just NEVER win. :o) Now I'll have no excuse, right??

    Email coming.

  3. Congrats to all the winners!! I just ordered one since I didn't win and got a good deal on one from Amazon! YIPPEE!! I can't wait to receive it and thanks for the wonderful organizer tip Bethany! Enjoy your pampering-it is well deserved!!

    Mommy to Ethan and Aidan

  4. Wahooooo! I feel so lucky! I can't wait to get it! Thanks so much Bethany ...and forsure stay down while you can! I'm praying so hard for you all right now! Stick baby stick! I loved seeing the sweet pics of the girls doing hair on the potty chair ...too cute!
    I too will shoot u an email stay down now for as long as you can...xoxo!

  5. Love these cute little stories about what the kiddos are up to. The story of Mason with his girlfriend is so typical of boys, huh? Atleast your butt is numb for good reason :-)

  6. LOL, on your Grandmother - way too cute!
    The girls are adorable!!!! But you knew that... :)
    Matthew will be sneaky like that, especially when he has something of his big brothers... LOL!
    Stick, baby, Stick!!!!!!!!

  7. Heather just told me I won via FB!! Yeah!!!

    Love your girls doing hair and pulling fast ones on you! Love it!! Can't wait til Emmie is doing that too!!
    Crackin up over Mason and the girlfriend!!

  8. Good luck Bethany. I'm praying for you, been there sister!

  9. Molly said to tell Payton she loves the Paul Frank pjs.
    Loving following your journey. Praying always!

  10. privacy? huh? what's that? you mean there are people out there that don't share every intimate detail of their lives on the interne? wow...I guess I learned something new today...
    just read over your last few posts...oh Bethany...I can't even imagine how you're feeling! I'm so hoping it takes or whatever the right word is and you get pregnant! Thinking of you...praying for you....

  11. Hi there! Thanks for letting me know about your daughter's kidney dilation. It's good to hear from someone else who's been there! I need to talk to my pediatrician, because I'm wondering... does this lead to more UTI's or kidney infections after the baby is born? My 2-year-old had a UTI when she was little, and getting her catheterized to diagnose it was MISERABLE. I'm really hoping our little boy won't be more susceptible to them because of this prenatal hydronephrosis!

    Your family is beautiful. I can't wait to get those little secret shots of my kiddos playing together!

    I'm sending lots of happy thoughts your way, hoping you're pregnant now, too!

  12. Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my busy body book from you :) Thinking of you! PRAYING!!!! xo

  13. "my butt is numb" is the best post title EVER!

    pardon bossy, but here she comes: keep that butt numb...and those feet UP! {please and thank you.}

    big love.

  14. the girls playing beauty parlor...too cute! my 2 big girls were doing this one day and we had to cut a tiara out of rayley beth's hair that her big sister got so tangled up in her hair :) and love the break-up story...putting his sister up to do the dirty work ;) and still praying for you...

  15. I love the tinting on your photos......
    and the "do" is just amazing!!! ;)

  16. Left cheek, "roll" Right cheek - "repeat" :o Hang in there just remember to have the Kleenex close by during Oprah hour and it's amazing how many different new shows they have on HGTV now...

  17. Awe. Bethany. I teared up @ the pics and stories of your smart lil' stinker. I look forward to Justus doing the same.