Thursday, January 19, 2012

Breaking the barrier.

Sitting here on a cold frosty morning with my sleepy eyed babies... all of us piled on our less-than-large-enough couch... one blanket to go around. Nika the last to rise and join us, she crawls up next to Payton and says, "Blankey? Me?"

To most... this may seem insignificant. To me... this is big. Having been an orphan in her past life, Nika tends to be a very stay-behind-the-scenes, submissive kid. That's not to say she can't throw a good temper tantrum. Ha.


At one time... she would not have joined us on the couch, until invited. She would have sat on the floor in front of us... as if she was not worthy.

At one time... she would not have asked for some blanket, until offered. She would have sat next to us and shivered... as if she was not worthy.


It has taken us awhile to get her out of orphan mode, when it comes to certain things... and we still have a journey ahead of us. One of her goals in speech therapy has been to use her words and ask for things on her own without being prompted... like something as simple as asking for help.


We are getting there... we are breaking this thick barrier. It is good.



I think I'm nesting... only I don't quite have a reason to nest. Other than the fact that my house has way too much crap in it and I am close to deeming myself a hoarder.

Okay, not really... but we do have too much crap. It's sickening, really.

One problem... I tend to jump from project to project. If any one thing ever gets completed... it is a reason to celebrate.

Yesterday's project... front closet makeover. This closet faces the kids' backpack corner and it is for shoes only. Previously, I had plastic fabric shoe racks hanging from the shelf above.

But three kids + plastic fabric = disaster.

I decided to remove the shelf, paint and install those wooden cubby shoe racks... three of them stacked vertically.


Fairly boring, really... but great for organizing shoes. Especially considering we are always missing one shoe of every pair... not an ideal situation when you are trying to get out of the house with children in tow.


Mason started winter training for baseball with a local pro this week... he is so excited. I love that he has something that he loves so much. He has become quite the little baseball player... my baby ain't so much a baby anymore.


Love him.


  1. Loved this post.......

  2. Not boring. I would kill for an entryway to organize shoes and backpacks! And yay for Nika!!

  3. I love that Mason is out in his jammies playing ball. That is something Luke would do... I think those 2 would get along great! ...and I love your neighborhood, sigh! But... what I love most is sister using her words and cozying on in because she knows she belongs and she is worthy!! She is one beautiful little girl!! She has a little piece of my heart!

  4. so awesome about nika's coming out of her shell and snuggling on the couch with you guys (even asking for the blanket!!!)  love the picture of her jumping!!! great pic of mason playing catch too!!!

  5. I can relate so much to what you shared about Nika. If Chloe were to say "Blankey? Me?" it would be a cause for celebration for us as well; for her to express a need or feeling. Way to go Nika!!!

    Like Nika, Chloe said a new set of words early this morning while laying with us in bed. She said,  unprompted, "Dad is sleepy". I repeated back to her, "Yes, Dad is sleepy {out of habit}" and then went, "...Wait...WHAT?! Dad IS sleepy! Oh my God, she just said Dad is sleepy!". Stanton and I about fell out of the bed. Stanton's voice also went a whole 5 octaves higher, as he repeated her words -- which was both comical and appropriate for such big words. Those special moments never tire, do they? Such an accomplishment for our kiddos! :) I'm so happy to hear how well Nika is doing -- you're great parents!And look at Mason all focused in his pj's and ready to play! They all get so big, so fast! Too fast, really. You'll have to keep us posted on how he does this season!

  6. I'm cracking up because I got your story down, envisioning ya'll laying in bed, jumping up, freaking out. Haha - go Chloe!

  7. Love Nika, and glad she is starting to come out of her little shell more and more!