Monday, September 10, 2012

The fall season.

As much as we enjoy relaxing... I don't think we really know how. Err wait... maybe we just don't give ourselves the chance. But it's okay... we like to be busy.

And that is what fall brings. School. Homework. Therapy. Sports... practices and games. From mid August through the beginning of November... we have somewhere to be

Mason plays travel baseball... which means they play year round. And Kyle coaches... so that keeps us very busy. Lucky for Mason... his sisters love to be at the baseball fields. And our fall season is in full swing.


The downfall to travel ball is that if you ever want to play another sport... you have to double up. And Mason wants to play tackle football... making our fall season a little crazy.

Football has been kind of crazy for us this year... in order to keep Mason at the ankle biter level playing with his peers, he had to lose 4-5 pounds. Enter a whole new side to parenting that you never thought you would find yourself discussing with your eight year old. But he did it... mostly by cutting out all liquids but water... and eating lots of lean meats, rather than his mac-n-cheese staple. I gotta say... I was a whole lotta proud of him for making weight... I was a whole lotta nervous for him.

And maybe I'm just a hormonal pregnant woman... and maybe it is just normal... but Mason is so grown up. Yes, he is eight. But watching him on the football field the other night just made me so emotional. Sigh. My baby.

Mason tackling his opponent.

He is so proud of himself when he tackles his opponents. His first couple seasons of tackle football... well, it took him awhile to get the nerve to actually tackle the other team. This year... he is a tackling machine. Now this momma is just praying he doesn't get hurt. We have already lost one little boy on his team this season to a broken arm... I'm so not ready for that to happen.

Payton and Nika are playing football and cheerleading, respectively, through a local Champion football league for kids with special needs. It is run by the football players and cheerleaders at a local high school... and I have to say, I was so impressed with how good they were with the kids and how they just accepted them for who they are.


Payton had so much fun hanging out with the high school kids and playing football... she won over one particular cheerleader and several of the football players. The guys kept letting her tackle them and she would lay across their backs. When they lifted their heads to try to get up... she slammed their heads back to the ground. It was pretty funny.


She ganked a headband that belonged to the cheerleader... my Rambo girl.


Nika is so the girl that likes to watch and take her environment in... especially in places that are new to her. She mostly did just that at cheerleading... until they gave her that one-on-one time that she so craves.


Her little uniform swallowed her body just about whole.


Over the summer, Payton kept asking when it was her turn to go to baseball... since we spent so much time at the baseball fields with her brother. She would lug her little pink baseball bag around the house and get so excited at the thought of being able to play... so we knew we had to sign her up to play again.


She is hilarious. And clearly I am biased... but whatever. Her thang this season is sliding into home plate... although mostly it consists of her getting to the plate and purposely plopping down on her butt.


Where does she come up with this stuff? As long as she is having fun, right?

That she is... that she is.


Love her and her zest for life... even if she gets annoyed with my camera.


Alright... night night... my shows are on. Ha.

The sky at football the other night... the storm cleared out and the sun set.


  1. Loved looking at all of your pictures-- I'm definitely a picture person. Your kids are so cute in their uniforms and the cheering looks like it would be so much fun.

  2. Mason might be 8 by age, but he is definitely a little man by his behaviour,esp. toward his isters.They are so blessed to have such a caring brother.All the ebst to your family!

    Sara from fertility community

  3. I just found your blog for the first time. I love all your photos. What a great way to chronicle the precious moments you have with your fam. They definitely bring your blog to life. Congrats as well on your twins! I look forward to reading more about your journey!