Monday, October 22, 2012

she is six... the annual bash.

Yesterday my baby turned six... and the thing that is even weirder to me is that we are coming up on the anniversary of her being home with us for four years. That is just crazy to me... but here we are.


We had our annual halloween birthday bash... much more low key this year. So fun.

The grub. Kept it easy this year with chili, pizza and homemade mac-n-cheese... oh, and a few salts and sweets. And drinks.





Our costumes... literally thrown together in a day... err, less. Looks involved... but it wasn't.


This picture of my kids it is so indicative of their personalities. Payton looking to Mason to copy whatever it is that he is doing... and Nika off to the side, picking at her fingers, being shy when the attention is on her. Sigh.


Our guests... yes, costumes are mandatory... and oh, so fun.





A halloween party ain't no halloween party without the donut game. We do this every year... it never gets old.





Pass the apple... this was quite the cluster... and quite funny, actually.


Happy birthday, baby girl.


Instead of getting an assortment of party favors for the kids to pick from this year... which usually get chucked around my house courtesy of all the crazy boys... I just got these glow masks from the dollar bins at Target. They were pretty cool... definitely a hit with the kids. And they made their eyes look all eery... almost like those fake halloween contacts that they sell.


I think our halloween parties may be one of my favorite things each year... a tradition to keep, that is for sure.


  1. Looks like you all had a great time!!! The kids are beautiful and I love the costumes! Can't wait to start traditions like this!

  2. Happy birthday sweet girl! Love EVERYTHING! but totally stealing the cake because I have a halloween birthday too. My sweet patrick and that cake would be perfect!!! OXOX

  3. I love that all your guests dress up too! So fun.

  4. cool masks....tried to get my kids to be zombies this year but no luck. what a fun party

  5. Wow, you had some very enthusiastic guests! What fun that everyone dressed up.

  6. Awesome!!! Looks like so much fun!! Happy Birthday to your sweet little girl!! Your blog is so inspiring. Love it!!

  7. Love the pictutres and happy birthday ! Can you please tell me what camera and what settings did you use for that picture with the cake and the candles? Looove it !

  8. Love EVERYTHING! but totally stealing the cake because I have a halloween birthday too.

  9. You have the best-looking set of friends/relatives I've ever seen. Holy photogenic.

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