Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Reflux {Payton's got it}

Today we went to see a pediatric gastroenterologist because Payton has been waking up during the night for the past week and I believe it is due to her reflux. It seems the Prevacid we give her in the morning isn't lasting the full 24 hours, so the last two nights I have supplemented her with 2mL of Zantac and that gave her enough relief to let her sleep through the night again. So, I decided we needed to see the doctor to see if we needed to do any testing. The GI advised that they don't want to run any tests (i.e. upper GI or a scope) at this point because Payton is still young and it seems we are able to control her reflux with meds. If she is symptomatic as she gets to be a little older, then they will look at running tests. I feel comfortable with that, only because she does seem to be okay on the Prevacid/Zantac combination.

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