Monday, November 6, 2006

{Another} Payton Update

We had appointments with the GI and ENT today. She weighed 18 pounds 9 ounces, which was a little less than she has weighed in the past. I'm hoping it was just a difference in scales. Her length is 27 1/2 inches long.

The GI told us we could quit giving Payton the Zantac before bed as long as she continues to sleep soundly and does okay without it. So, we now will just give her Prevacid in the morning. We follow up with the GI after Payton's first birthday to see if we can try to ween her from the Prevacid. Reflux is such an ugly thing!

We went to the ENT as a followup to an ear infection. The infection is gone, but both ears still have fluid. Thursday Payton will be getting tubes in her ears to help drain the fluid out of her tiny ear canals. Hopefully that will lead to a healthy winter season. They also did a pre-op hearing test on her, which showed mild to moderate "hearing loss", which really just meant that there was fluid and she is basically hearing under water. So, we are hoping that her speech takes off after getting the tubes. She babbles all the sounds that she should be, but consistently she really only says dadadadadadadada. What about mama?!?! :)

We also had PT today and the therapist was blown away by Payton. It had been longer than normal since she had seen her due to scheduling conflicts and Payton has really blossomed since then. She is now getting up on hands and knees and crawling more than an army crawl. She basically gets up, leaps forward and then starts the process all over again. She also showed her PT that she can cruise furniture...her PT about fell over when she did that! She is doing excellent in the gross motor area...we are so proud of her!! As far as fine motor goes, she is doing good with that too. She has had the pincer grasp down for a couple months now and is self-feeding. She still gags a bit on table foods or lumpy consistency, but we are working on that.

Here is a video of her crawling...

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