Monday, December 4, 2006

Another Payton Update

Payton is doing really well drinking out of a straw. We were told to only let her drink using a straw (versus a sippy cup) to help her with oral motor. A couple weeks ago, she got some water up here and there, but mainly just gummed the straw. These days, she is finally getting the hang of it and gets water up the straw every time. She also keeps her tongue tucked in when she sucks, which sounds silly, but it shows great muscle strength in her mouth/tongue. YAY sweet girl!

We also saw the ENT today as a follow up to surgery. Everything looked good. They did a post-surgery hearing test and well, let's just say Payton did not necessarily cooperate. LOL. They were able to detect that she could hear a little softer sounds than she could prior to surgery, but mostly she just wanted to talk, and not listen. LOL