Saturday, March 31, 2007

Payton Update

Payton is doing so well, I just have to brag for my girl! She has been pulling up like a pro for a couple months now; she is hands and knees crawling 100% of the time now...she looks so cute with her little butt wagging all over...LOL; she steps with assistance...we are working on getting her to step with only one hand assisted...she isn't quite there - she wants both hands for stability still; and she is going up the stairs like a rock star now...I have video, but for some reason I'm having problems downloading it. I'll try again tomorrow.

Here is some crawling video:

She is still on two bottles a day and I need to make myself take more time out to work on drinking with her. She can use a straw and takes liquid from a sippy and even an open cup, but you know we live in the fast paced lane and the bottle is easy to fall back on. If only I had 10 free hours a day. Sigh.

Eating...she is still getting some jar food, but we are working on weaning that out as well. She has some sensory issues with any wet or slimy foods. She would eat french fries all day long, but put a piece of pasta in her mouth and out it comes. She did eat little pieces of pizza tonight though, and that was new for her!

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