Monday, June 11, 2007

Our trip to the ENT

Today I took both kids to the ENT. Mason for a two-year followup to his tubes surgery, and Payton for a two-week followup to her second tubes surgery. Mason will be having his tubes removed, so we need to schedule surgery for that. Although, they couldn't tell for sure that he even had both tubes still for sure, but not sure about the other. Payton's ears are looking great after getting her second set of tubes, so let's hope this set stays in for awhile!

On another note, Mason is a child that gets excited to go to the doctor's office. It is because he likes the doctor? Uh, no. While he is at the age where he will cooperate, for the most part, he never forgets that he gets to pick a sticker out of the box after his visit. Ah, the joys of being 3...


  1. I love your blog and all of it's colors!

    Dominic loves going to the doctor for the exact same reason :)

  2. Megan loves her Ped and Dentist...go figure...can't wait till Livi loves them too. cry cry cry the entire time right now.
    BTW>>>LOVE THE BLOG! Glad you decided to join me ;)
    I added you!!!!

  3. glad to hear it was a good appointment!! love the new blog!!!

  4. Love the blog!! Give those stinkers a kiss for me!!