Friday, July 6, 2007

Did I mention there is never a dull moment?

So...for the past month or so Mason has had the funkiest smelling breath. I mean funky like it has smelled like he licked a garbage dumpster. For the life of me, I had no clue what it was from. My only guess was that he had some sort of throat infection and that it was causing bad breath. But this was really more than bad breath.

So a couple weeks ago, we got an antibiotic, but it didn't help. Then yesterday I took him to his ped because I didn't know what the heck to do. We could have brushed his teeth for hours and the smell would still be there. Well, the ped and I figured out the smell was coming from his NOSE, not his mouth. Sigh. Picture us in the office covering his mouth, plugging one nostril, smelling the other and vice versa. He has had a sore in his one nostril, but I figured it was from a cold. So ped says she thinks maybe he has something up his nose and sends us to the ENT. I really didn't think there was anything up his nose and was frustrated to try to figure out what was causing the smell.

Well, good thing I'm no doctor because the ENT pulled a huge chunk of sponge out of his nose today. It was the diameter of a dime and about an inch long ... and MOLDY as all get out. EWWW. The poor kid, no wonder he has been saying it hurt to blow his nose. I figured it hurt because of the sore he had in there ... well I guess that sore was an infection from the FUNK up there!

Did I really think my child would never put anything up his nose?! Oh, the trials and tribulations. The sponge came from daycare, of course ... they paint with sponges there. Needless to say they will not be painting with sponges anymore! We don't even use sponges in our house, so it is clear where it happened. Now I just hope nothing was damaged in his nose!

On a side note, at 3 years 5 months, Mason weighs 42 pounds and is 40 3/4 inches tall.


  1. i still cant get over that!! never a dull moment at your house, uh?? i bet your glad that funky smell is gone!! just glad to hear he is OK!

  2. Oh my!!! That would have been a hard one to figure out! I'm glad the smell is gone, and it should be easier to blow his nose now too. :)