Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mason's first visit to the dentist ...

A few weeks ago, Mason saw the dentist for the first time. He was a bit apprehensive and ended up sitting in my lap for his cleaning. He did well, though, and even kept his mouth open, which I wasn't sure he would do. Here is a picture (yes, I was that dorky mom in the middle of the dentist office with my camera ... LOL) ...

Unfortunately, he had three small cavities that needed to be filled, and they also wanted to seal his teeth. So yesterday Kyle took him back for his fillings. Two of them were so small they were able to do them without numbing him, but the third required numbing. Kyle said he sat through it like a champ and that Mason was quick to remind him that they would be going shopping for Power Rangers for a reward.


  1. Way to go Mason!!! I was the cheesy mom who FORGOT her camera for Darah's first visit....and Sean Elliot (a big time retired NBA player) was getting his braces tightened right next to us. It was like he was there to rub it in that Mommy didn't have her camera!! LOL! Mason, I'm so proud of you...try to sneak into your mama's luggage and come to KC with us!! :)

  2. I don't blame you for bringing your camera with you to Mason's first dental appointment. It's a mom thing. :)

    Glad Mason was a trouper for his teeth fillings.

  3. Great job Mason! Such a brave kid!
    I go Monday for a filling and I am already getting nervous! Maybe my mom will take me for Power Rangers after it is all done ;)