Friday, September 7, 2007


Mason's school just combined the older three year olds with the four year olds and even though his birthdate was too late to move up, they moved him anyway (because he is so bright, of course). I was a little concerned that they may be trying to advance him too quickly, given that he cannot even get all the way through the alphabet yet (this is a problem).

Well, his teacher has done nothing but rave about how well he is doing with the older kids. He is one of the few kids who follow directions (I'm still trying to find that side of him) and he does much better on his assignments than some of the four year olds. For example, they were doing worksheets where they had to trace lines. Mason was not only the first one to complete the assignment, he was the only one who actually traced the lines instead of drawing random lines.

This makes me smile, because I have really been feeling like he should be doing more than he is doing and that his school has been failing him. We recently got a new principal, so I'm hoping these changes are for the better!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Photo time with Mommy

We have been so busy lately, that my photo taking and blogging have been lacking. So now it is catch up time! I started out taking pictures of Payton ...

And then I asked her to show me where her nose was ... and she did! (You don't understand ... we have been working on this with her for forever!!)

And then of course her brother had to pop in and show us that he knew where his eyes were ...

And here is some video of my girl dancing, playing peek-a-boo and waving bye bye!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Here doggy, doggy!

So ... Payton is obsessed with the dog's kennel. She takes the dog's bed out and replaces it with ... well ... herself, of course! Today Mason decided he would join her ...

After getting them out of the kennel, we went outside to play on their playground ...