Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Payton Update

Today I took Payton to the GI for a checkup. We will be continuing her on one solutab of Prevacid a day and we will follow up after her 2nd birthday. She is almost 21 months old and weighed in today at 25 pounds. She measured 31 inches long.

I also asked about allergy testing and they told me to ask her pediatrician. I am interested in allergy testing because there has been a lot of talk lately about diet affecting behavior and development in general. I am very interested in learning more about this, and finding out specifically if Payton has a sensitivity, or even an intolerance, to wheat, etc.

Cute story ... Up until now, I have mostly kept Payton in soft sole shoes because they are supposed to be so highly recommended for new walkers. After seeing Pat Winders (one of Payton's physical therapists) a few weeks back, she recommended that we now get Payton in some supportive shoes with inserts to force her to roll her feet correctly. They roll in a tiny bit right now. The supportive shoes will also ultimately cause her to bring her legs in closer when she is walking. So, we put her little pair of size 5 Nike sneakers on her and she is loving them! She is cruising all over the place with those things on ... then she will stop, look down at her feet, pull on the laces and then keep on cruising along. So cute.


  1. We used those non supportive shoes with Kallie when she first started crusing as well. Then our PT informed us of the same thing and once we put that suppport on she was a much better walker. Good luck with the allergy testing.

  2. Already heard it but so glad you blogged it ;)
    Now I need some pics or video for my fix!!!!