Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Payton got assaulted at daycare

Last week, Payton got scratched really bad at daycare, scabs and all. The first picture above shows her face soon after it happened (and covered in neosporin) and the pictures below show her face about two weeks later. I'm so mad! These parents at daycare don't cut their kids fingernails and now Payton is marked because of it. I really think it is going to scar. It is a lot deeper than it looks ... GRR!


  1. OH NO! My beauty queen! AWHHHH you are still the cutest!
    Pass on to those parents...nails grow need to cut twice a week...LOL...Joey has a forever scratch on his cheek from Megan, I learned my lesson.

    p.s. We got a package today from the Balsis're so sweet! We love ya!

  2. OMG, she is so beautiful! I'm so sad she got assaulted! You tell that Payton to tell those kids off! Give her a big kiss for me!

  3. The scratch is healing really well though! Hopefully there will be no permanent scar. Even if there is--she is still so effin cute!

  4. have you put mederma on it. I have used this several times and it truly works miracles!