Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Payton's New Favorite Words

The past couple weeks, Payton has picked up a couple new words ... "wow" and "no".

The first time she said "no" was when I was telling her "no" because she was throwing Cheerios all over the floor. She then looked at me, pointed her finger at me (wonder where she got that) and yelled, "No!" I was cracking up and so excited to hear her say that. Isn't that usually one of the first words kids say? Not Payton! Now she loves to tell the dog and her brother "no" all the time. Even her daycare teachers have told us that she tells the other kids in her classroom "no" ... too funny.

I'm not really sure where along the way she picked up "wow", although it has become more evident lately when we have seen Christmas lights. She sort of whispers it ... "wowww" ... and I think it is because I sort of whisper it to her, as if telling her "look at that". Now we can look at the ceiling lights or a chandelier and get a "wowww" for that. Love her! :)