Monday, January 7, 2008

Our Support System

Today I posted birthday wishes to my baby girl on an online support group that I frequent along with a picture of her as a baby. I wanted to post some of the comments from some of our friends just to show what an amazing ride we are having and how we have also made a difference, which means so much to me.

From our friend Diane ... Okay, explain to me why I welled up with tears when I saw her little bitty picture. WOW! You know I remember that little bitty girl when she was that little bitty baby! Girl, give her the biggest happy birthday hug from me. Then give her the next biggest one from Maryellen. Of course I am being selfish! I love that girl. Then give your self a hug from Maryellen and me. Cuz I have loved journeying through this journey with you. You bless me, ya know that!!! Love, Di

From our friend Honny ... Oh Happy Day, sweet Girl!!!! I just b-day is the 9th and I was having a pity party for myself last year little guy was only 4 months old...fresh out the shock box...and I remember RED ICING and the cutest little girl turning 1 and I was's cute and life seemed so normal for you guys.....and damn...if it wasn't that way for me this year.... so, Payton's b-day is HUGE for me....major turning point....just wanted you to know that ...SO, HAPPY DAY...woo-hooo!

From our friend Ibby ... Sweet Payton, We hope your birthday was just as wonderful as you are!! I remember looking at your sweet face when I first came to Downsyn. You are one of the ones I felt so drawn to and your beautiful face gave me such hope for my baby's future. I'm so glad we had the opportunity to meet you and snuggle a bit! You are too precious for words!! Love, Ibby & AJ

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