Monday, March 17, 2008

Devious Little Guy

When we first moved Mason out of his crib, we put a TV in his room thinking that would be a stellar way to get him to stay in his big boy bed. Ding ding ding, we have created a monster. He he obsessed with the TV. He knows that there is no TV for naptime (which is a rarity around here anymore), but he historically has been allowed to watch one episode of a movie before bedtime. That, of course, has spiraled into way more than one episode.

Yesterday Mason was very, very naughty. He was sassy, not listening ... just not being good at all. We had planned to take him to the aquatic center to let him swim while Payton attended her Special Olympics class, but we told him he could not go because he was being so naughty. I later asked him if he knew why we didn't go swimming, and he somberly answered, "Yes mommy, because I was naughty."

Well, apparently that was no lesson learned. He continued to be naughty throughout the day, so I told him no TV before bed. He cried and threw a fit. He was SO exhausted that I sat by his bed and talked to him about being a good boy and listening in an effort to distract him. I left the room, thinking he really would just fall asleep. Moments later I heard a few thuds from downstairs and came up to find him watching TV in his room. He had gotten up and turned it on. I turned it off and unplugged it. He cried again and I left the room. I never heard him again so I assumed he had fallen asleep.

About two hours later, Kyle and I went upstairs to bed, only to find a glow under Mason's closed bedroom door and a LOCKED door knob. That little stinker locked his door and turned his TV on again. We got a key to the knob and broke in, only to find him sound asleep with his TV playing.

This morning I asked him why he locked his door last night, and he said (with a mischievous little laugh), "I locked you out so I could watch TV!" OMG since when is he old enough to understand things like this?!


  1. OMG!!! I can't believe that little stinker. Take the TV out of the room (easier said than done I am sure) or just only allow him to watch the history channel :)

  2. TOO FUNNY! We are having the same problem with Jace as a couple months ago I would let her watch 5 minutes of TV b4 bed, it's gotten up to a whole movie now. It's so hard when they cry-trust me you need to bite in the bud now before he starts kindergarten. Went through the same thing with Jazmine but I just let her stay up and watch TV-terrible first time mom :)

  3. haha welcome to the world of boys!!! At least you can't say he's not creative!

  4. Kids are so funny! Just when you think you've seen it all, they usually come up with something I haven't seen to try and get away with, lol!

  5. OMG that is so funny~~ Little booger head.. You better get ready I think you are about to have alot of fun with him lol..