Monday, March 17, 2008

Signing ... finally!

We have struggled with signing with Payton. She has had pretty much zero interest, although I know she understands some of the signs that I sign to her (the basics). I have got her to sign a few times, but nothing that ever lasted or that she initiated. Today during speech therapy, a whole new Payton joined us. I was signing to her and her totally mimicked every sign I did!! Her therapist about fell on the floor because it was totally out of nowhere. Some of the signs she mimicked were more, eat, all done, night night, please, ball, bath, stars, milk ... I'm trying to think of what else. She knows eat, more, all done and night night without prompting. The fact that she says all done and ball makes her signing them useless, but I'm excited nonetheless. Now I need to find a sign language class!


  1. We love the Signing Time series! Have you watched those? They air on PBS sometimes or you can get the DVDs from libraries (or buy them online, if you want to spend the money). My older kids really enjoy them and I can't wait until Ruby's old enough to watch them!

    Hooray for Payton!!!

  2. yay Payton!
    hugs from Elias and I!