Saturday, April 5, 2008

Mason's first soccer game

Today was Mason's first soccer game. He was a little shy with his coach and team at first, but it didn't take him long to warm up. He looked so cute in his little soccer gear. He still has a bit to learn about soccer, rather than just kick the ball. He had control of the ball a few times and kicked it down the field right past the goal ... LOL. I think he thought it was a game of chase with all the kids trailing behind him. Too funny. We know that we need to explain to him that going over the blue line means you are out of bounds and that you can't kick goals in either net ... one is yours and one is the other teams. And with the exception the him picking at his nails a large majority of the game (don't ask), he did very well!

Nothing like fighting two of your teammates for the ball!



  1. Aww he looks so cute! Kass and Kam have the blue and yellow soccer jerseys too! Must be popular colors! Kameron has been playing since he turned 4 1/2 and he is JUST now going AFTER the ball instead of running the opposite way! haha And Kassidy... during her first game she stopped right in the middle to pick a flower off the field and bring it to me! LOL These are the things that memories are made of! :) Can't wait to see Mason turn into a soccer star!

  2. cracks me up how the kids on the same team are fighting over the ball. Good thing for shin guards :)

  3. I love those pictures! He's one cute little soccer player!