Monday, April 14, 2008

Super Nanny

So I love Super Nanny. I always learn something from Super Nanny ... even Kyle pays attention when she is on TV. Last weekend, she was working with a family who had a daughter who was almost five years old. Super Nanny was apalled that this little girl could not wipe her own butt ... and she was still using a sippy cup. Okay, strike one and strike two against us, I guess!

About the wiping of the butt (stop reading now if this is too much information for your taste), we still wipe Mason's butt. Can a four year old really get his butt clean enough to not be throwing underwear in the trash all the time? Well, after seeing Super Nanny I was on a mission to have Mason wipe his own butt. So we taught him how to do it himself and wa la, he now wipes his own butt! Wow, nothing like needing Super Nanny to whip us in the butt!

Onto the sippy cup. Mason is fully able to drink from an open cup and has been for a long time. However, when we are home and he is playing around the house, or when we are in the car, he gets a sippy cup. It only makes sense ... sippy cup means no mess. I know, I guess this means that we now have to summon Mason to the table to have his drink. But the child wants a drink in his hand 24/7, so this is a problem. Maybe sometime soon, Super Nanny, but thanks for the advice.


  1. *ahem* Kameron's 6... and I still wipe his butt. LOL I saw supernanny too and was like OOPS! LOL BUT Kameron doesn't get himself clean which just totally grosses me out. I'd much rather KNOW he's clean!
    Ahhh the guilt trip known as supernanny! LOL