Tuesday, May 20, 2008

He is her idol

Payton adores her brother and the feelings are pretty much mutual. Granted, they pick on each other, but they play together so well. When Mason entertains her, she just eats it up. She copies everything he does, and I mean everything. If he points at something, she points. If he laughs, she laughs. If he dunks his head in the bathtub, she dunks her head. So cute.

Dear Ms. Payton ...

Your sleep habits have got to stop. Daddy and I love you dearly, but it has been over two years and you are still waking up at least once per night. On top of that, you hate your crib (as did your brother) and you will not let us put you in it at night unless you are pretty much asleep. Tonight was a struggle and we ultimately had to let you cry it out ... luckily that only lasted a few minutes until you fell asleep. We promise to get you a big girl bed, only if you promise to sleep. Love you sweet girl, Mommy.

First day of home daycare

After being in a daycare center setting their entire lives, the kids will now be staying with our dear friend, Ms. Jodi, twice a week. They will remain with me on Mondays and the other two days they will continue at the daycare center. The motivation for this is that Payton was approved for long term care, meaning Medicaid pays for her caregivers, one of whom is Jodi.

The day went well, from what I gather. Jodi's son, Riley, is also there with them. Payton was excited to be dropped off and play, so that was a bonus. She can be a little clingy at times, but she knows Jodi and Riley very well, so she did very well.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

DS DS DS ... Mommy, can I have a DS?

My cousin and her kids were here visiting this past weekend. My extended family all pitched in to buy her oldest a Nintendo DS for his birthday. Well, Mason thought that was the coolest thing ever. He has always been interested in Game Boys and hand held games, but we have yet to take the plunge and get one, although he has a Leapster.

On Monday, since his behavior has improved so much, I went and got him a Nintendo DS and the game, Speed Racer. The DS is now attached to his fingers ... this should be interesting. He is spoiled, what can I say? Sigh.

Update on Mason

A little while back, Mason seemed to be having a rough time with his behavior. It essentially boiled down to lack of sleep. Kyle and I acknowledge our fault in this, as well as the culprit ... his TV in his room.

Well, the TV was taken out of his room one naughty night. He has adjusted to that better than expected. He asked a few times to get his TV back ... well, the conversation went something like this ...

Mason: "Mommy, can I have my TV back now?"
Me: "No Bubs. Remember, you have been such a big boy without your TV."
Mason: "Oh yeah!"

End of conversation. Wow, that was easy! Anyway, it has been so nice to actually see him asleep by 9 or 9:30, which is still sort of late. His behavior has changed remarkably ... just goes to show what a little sleep can do!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Payton and the stairs

Although Payton has been able to go up and down the stairs on her belly for a long time, we have struggled with getting her to walk up and down them with assistance. Sometimes she will do it, sometimes she won't. Even when she will, she bears weight on us very heavily.

A few minutes ago, she and I just walked up the stairs with me holding her hand. She held the wall with her other hand and walked up every stair with hardly any assistance from me. She even alternated feet ... amazing.

It is the little things in life that make us happy around here ... :)

My baby is getting so big

I can't believe how fast time flies ... it has been over two years since Payton entered our lives. She is getting to be such a big girl. She continues to amaze us each day!

Signing "more"
Signing "eat"
Signing "stars"
"Payton, where is your nose?"
"Payton, where is your mouth?"
"Mom, I want to go play out there!"
Payton and her big brother ... her hero