Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Dear Ms. Payton ...

Your sleep habits have got to stop. Daddy and I love you dearly, but it has been over two years and you are still waking up at least once per night. On top of that, you hate your crib (as did your brother) and you will not let us put you in it at night unless you are pretty much asleep. Tonight was a struggle and we ultimately had to let you cry it out ... luckily that only lasted a few minutes until you fell asleep. We promise to get you a big girl bed, only if you promise to sleep. Love you sweet girl, Mommy.


  1. Dear Mommy,
    Don't you know that I have you and Daddy right where I want you? Wrapped around my cute little finger? I will make you an offer. I will start sleeping through the night if you let me go visit Darah for a week in Texas. Deal?


  2. I bet she would love her own bed!!!

  3. I have tried everything with Jaceanna-twin size, full size, bunk beds and all she wanted was me and my bed. I tried letting her cry but that would keep Jaz awake for school and Jace would just end up coming out and standing in the hallway. Currently she is sleeping with Jazmine in a full size bed and it's been working out great. I'm sure it's not the best situation but........they both are sleeping good :) Best of luck!!!!!

  4. Elias is 3 now and full sleeping thru the night! I do really bealieve the big boy bed helped, I guess he was afraid of the crib

    he sleeps the entire night there, sometimes 12 hours!!!!

    and Im so happy, althought sometimes I miss him, and I cuddle with him for part of the night lol