Wednesday, May 14, 2008

DS DS DS ... Mommy, can I have a DS?

My cousin and her kids were here visiting this past weekend. My extended family all pitched in to buy her oldest a Nintendo DS for his birthday. Well, Mason thought that was the coolest thing ever. He has always been interested in Game Boys and hand held games, but we have yet to take the plunge and get one, although he has a Leapster.

On Monday, since his behavior has improved so much, I went and got him a Nintendo DS and the game, Speed Racer. The DS is now attached to his fingers ... this should be interesting. He is spoiled, what can I say? Sigh.


  1. I got Mike one for Christmas as a surprise (he was much like Mason before gettig it... i want it i want it i want it... LOL but he didn't have to improve his behavior to get it ;) ).

    He loves it, but what's funny is that K takes it from him and does really well too!! I hope Mason enjoys it ;)


  2. I got Jazmine one for christmas and Jaceanna likes it more then Jaz! Although Jace just draws on it and can't believe Mason can play games with it! Did you know you can also put gameboy advance games in it? I think that is so neat. Plus, they can text to their friends with it. No idea how but that's about all Jaz uses it for!